Integrations with RightAnswers

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Integrate Everything into One Ecosystem

Through our Integration Framework, RightAnswers connects all your applications, such as Office, Salesforce, ServiceNow, SharePoint, etc., across the enterprise. It enables people to create, find and share knowledge in the same place they perform their daily work.

Our Enterprise Knowledge Management Solution – Centralizes knowledge creation and storage. Your customer service teams use the Agent Portal to find, fix and add knowledge. Other employees and your customers interact with knowledge through various channels such as Web Self-Service and Mobile Self-Service, where they find what they need and indicate what’s helpful.

RightAnswers Community – Let customers help other customers and employees help other employees. Merge communities with your knowledge base to show all knowledge in one place and for easy migration of socially crowdsourced knowledge into the knowledge base. Employee communities foster collaboration among teams, further connecting your enterprise.

Multiple Knowledge Formats

RightAnswers serves up knowledge in all its formats, such as Word docs, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, videos, etc. By tracking and reporting on the most popular external knowledge, we provide a prioritized list of items that should be converted to native knowledge and stored in the knowledge base to improve overall customer service.

Seamless Integration Across All Platforms

  • RightAnswers integrates with any third-party system, arriving out-of-the-box with more than 30 connectors for network drives, emails, intranets, websites, databases and applications including SharePoint, Office 365, and many others.
  • RightAnswers seamlessly embeds into CRM and ITSM systems. That means your support agents and other employees search for knowledge in the same interface they use for their daily work.
  • We also provide custom connectors. Talk to us about your other enterprise applications and we’ll get it connected.

Get Up and Running Quickly

When you move to a knowledge management system, you don’t want to waste time recreating knowledge or migrating it to your knowledge base. With RightAnswers, you don’t have to. In a single search, it conducts a “federated search,” simultaneously searching for knowledge across all these sources:

  • Networks and drives
  • Internal or external websites
  • Traditional relational databases
  • Third-party applications such as SharePoint and others

Boost the Performance of Your ServiceNow Service Desk

RightAnswers seamless integration with ServiceNow’s ITSM to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your support agents and end-users by resolving issues quickly. As the first Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) V6 Verified knowledge management software that is a ServiceNow Certified Integration (since 2007), RightAnswers has been validated by ServiceNow for its performance, security, and seamless interoperability. Perhaps more importantly, RightAnswers has been embraced by the ServiceNow community as a valuable addition to the service ecosystem.

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™

RightAnswers + ServiceNow = Success

ServiceNow clients who use RightAnswers experience measurable service improvements in their support:

  • Higher first-contact resolution rates
  • Shorter time to resolution
  • More calls deflected to self-service
  • Reduced customer service and support costs

Seamless ServiceNow ITSM Integration

RightAnswers fulfills the knowledge management needs of everyone across your enterprise – authors, agents, and anyone who needs to find knowledge. Whether you want to conduct a quick search or create a new solution, it’s easy to get started.

  • Support agents find knowledge and link articles to tickets in a single interface
  • Eliminates post-call administration work through the ability to copy solutions to incidents in one click
  • Add, fix or flag knowledge in one click, directly on the ServiceNow screen
  • Provide more effective search results for your customers and end-users
  • Pre-loaded Knowledge-Paks® library for IT support provides tens of thousands of accurate knowledge solutions to the most common issues your users have on more than 500 of the most widely used off-the-shelf software applications.

Salesforce: Get the Best of Both Worlds

Available on the AppExchange, RightAnswers seamlessly integrates with Salesforce to give you the best combination of knowledge management and case management. RightAnswers provides highly targeted search results, so agents resolve issues faster, improving the productivity of the contact center. And RightAnswers’ Enterprise Knowledge Management Solution shares knowledge throughout your organization to further enhance efficiencies.

RightAnswers Extends the Power of Salesforce

Since RightAnswers’ goal is to improve the customer service you provide, we invest in developing advanced tools that focus on the customer experience. For example:

  • Self-service Channels – RightAnswers gives customers more ways to quickly get answers to their problems, while deflecting calls from the contact center. Your customers get answers the way they want – via email, mobile device, your website, social sites and forums, or on the phone with a live agent.
  • Video Creation – Videos are increasing in importance in customer service, and can easily show aspects of a product or a screen sequence. Our video creation tool lets customer service representatives create and edit videos directly in our software, even in real time while speaking with a customer. These videos are stored directly in the knowledge base, and you search for and deliver them like any other solution.
  • Intelligent Knowledge Builder™ – This patented technology keeps your knowledge base complete and up-to-date by detecting gaps and prompting you to create new knowledge articles.
  • Decision Trees – For both customers and agents, this solution type provides guided help to step them through a process to get to the result.
  • Gamification – Motivates your agents and knowledge workers to keep the knowledge up-to-date, improving the experience for your customers.
  • No Size Limitation – There is no limit to the size of your knowledge base with RightAnswers, so it scales with you as you roll out new products and services and need to expand your knowledge.
  • Client Success Program – RightAnswers not only teaches you best practices, but implements them together with you. Our unique Client Success program ensures you deliver and maintain an effective strategy for knowledge, self-service adoption, and ongoing usage.

Maximize your NetSuite CRM

RightAnswers SuiteApp improves the customer experience with advanced search, social knowledge and web and mobile self-service. The RightAnswers SuiteApp, validated by NetSuite and embedded into NetSuite CRM+, transforms your service through comprehensive knowledge management. You benefit from:

  • More targeted search resolves cases faster, improving the productivity of your contact center.
  • Powerful web self-service and mobile self-service enable customers to self-resolve their own issues – reducing the number of cases in your contact center.

Extend the capabilities of your BMC service desk

RightAnswers has been a BMC technology partner since our inception in 2001. Both companies share a human-centric view of how IT support can enhance productivity and efficiency. RightAnswers seamlessly integrates with multiple BMC products, so you can easily migrate your knowledge to another BMC ITSM solution and retain all of your knowledge, processes, and workflows with no cost or service impact.

RightAnswers is proud to be endorsed by BMC as the knowledge vendor of choice for Remedyforce, Remedy OnDemand and SDE, and we have a long-standing partnership with Numara for seamless integration with Footprints and Track-It!

Integration with BMC

  • BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite
  • BMC Remedyforce
  • BMC Remedy OnDemand
  • BMC Service Desk Express
  • BMC Footprints
  • BMC Track-It!

Improve BMC Remedyforce

There’s a reason RightAnswers is used by more than six million Remedyforce users around the globe. Several, actually:

  • Inline Remedy integration allows agents find answers and attach them to tickets inside their BMC application.
  • We offer a pre-populated knowledge base of more than 90,000 current articles on more than 500 software applications, including NOC and BYOD.
  • Intuitive templates and editor make it easy to create effective knowledge and edit existing knowledge.
  • Get a powerful, federated search of all your existing knowledge, both structured and unstructured, including documents of all kinds.
  • It’s delivered via the cloud or available on-premise.

Get more from Remedy ITSM

RightAnswers has worked with hundreds of BMC Remedy clients who understand that knowledge management and self-service are key to improving the overall effectiveness of the support organization. Knowledge management does even more than that: It also touches every IT and business initiative you have.

RightAnswers knowledge management becomes an integral part of your organization’s operational workflow, making it second nature for your support agents and users. RightAnswers takes your knowledge management beyond being a knowledge base for your agents; it provides robust multi-channel self-service for your users. They can do more than just open a ticket – they can resolve their own issues.

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