RightAnswers’ Web Self-Service

Build a Customer Self-Service Portal Worthy of Your Brand

Today, the majority of customers want to find their own answers. Give them the power! In fact, self-service usage has overtaken the usage of live-assisted channels. Indeed, companies that deploy our Web Self-Service and Mobile Self-Service knowledge management software improve the customer experience with faster delivery of knowledge, higher service levels due to lower call volume and shorter wait times.

Give Customers Instant Knowledge Access

The RightAnswers web self-service portal delivers your customized brand experience along with the information your customers need to answer their questions. RightAnswers is designed to provide software for a central knowledge management system, a knowledge base for all of your enterprise knowledge. Continuously updated, you can earmark which knowledge is available in the customer self-service portal. It’s totally configurable, displaying information such as FAQs, Announcements, Favorites, and more, to help customers quickly find the answers they want and to deliver an experience they will love.

By Offering RightAnswers Web Self-Service, You’ll:

  • Provide a better customer experience
  • Reduce calls to your contact center or service desk
  • Improve service levels due to lower call volume
  • Reduce wait times

The proof that customers are happy to find the answers themselves? Self-service usage has overtaken the usage of live-assisted channels.

But an even better self-service experience is online help. It provides a heightened web self-service experience by bringing the answers directly to the user, rather than forcing people to go to a separate site to get the answers. RightAnswers’ Knowledge Spotlight, for example, delivers answers to the users wherever they are inside your application or website.

Give Customers & Agents Knowledge On-the-Go

Mobile is infiltrating every aspect of our lives, and customer service is no exception. Often people will begin searching for knowledge on one device and continue on another. With the RightAnswers Mobile Self-Service Portal, you can deliver the full self-service experience right from the users’ smartphones or tablets.

By Offering RightAnswers Mobile Self-Service, you’ll:

  • Let your customers get answers from any mobile device
  • Free your agents from their desks
  • Empower your field crews


“Today, Corptax’s customers rave about their self-service experience with the Corptax self-service portal. Knowledge management software that can filter searches based on persona-based requests (specific audience) has dramatically improved the customer experience.”

– Lloyd Howlett, VP Support & Customer Operations, Corptax

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