Solution Manager

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More Effective Knowledge Creation

The heart of RightAnswers is Solution Manager, our intuitive tool where your knowledge authors create and modify knowledge articles. In Solution Manager, authors can personalize solutions for different audiences, such as agents, customers, and employees, for access in our Agent Portal and self-service portals, respectively.

Take Charge of Your Knowledge Base

Solution Manager software enables the creation of many different solution types, including:

  • Interactive solutions such as decision trees and RightPath step-by-step checklists lead customers through multi-step solutions
  • Multimedia solutions, including video
  • Multi-lingual solutions, for supporting customers across the globe

Intuitive Tools Position You for Success

Easy-to-Use Templates

Solution Manager comes with pre-built templates for addressing different types of problems, such as how-to’s, errors and operational and functional issues. Don’t want to recreate the wheel? Use our duplicate detection capabilities to check for (and leverage) existing solutions in the knowledge base.

Advanced Capabilities

Advanced capabilities include out-of-the-box gamification to drive the desired behaviors among your employees and customers, and an automated Knowledge Quality tool to ensure your knowledge base is populated with highly useful knowledge.

Tested Processes

Processes in Solution Manager are based on knowledge best practices and can support any knowledge methodology, such as Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS®). In fact, Solution Manager is KCS Verified V6 – the highest level of KCS accreditation – and offers more than 70 built-in KCS processes.

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation

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