Channel Sales

Capture and Maintain Your Channel Partner's Interest

Channel resellers are bombarded with messaging, content, and incentives from various companies. It can be hard for any one company to break through the noise. RO Innovation supports partner enablement to help organizations motivate their partners to sell more of their solutions.

  • Increase Sales

    Vendors who provide channel partners with programs that are easy to use and produce a measurable ROI can better motivate partners to sell their solutions over other alternatives.

  • Differentiate Your Offering

    Channel partners are juggling vendors and struggling to keep various offerings and messages straight. By providing dedicated experiences and tailored content, you can simplify their job and stand out.

  • Simplify Accessibility

    Provide your channel reps with a single, branded location to access all of your approved sales and marketing content as well as the latest customer testimonials and customer references.

  • Strengthen Relationships

    If your partners rarely hear from you, they will not be as invested in your channel program. RO Innovation helps you stay on top of partner engagement to keep partners informed and happy.

  • Provide Superior Tools

    With our support for partner enablement, your channel sellers are armed with clear, prospect-ready testimonials, customer examples, competitive comparisons, email templates, call scripts, and beyond.

  • Free Up Your Time

    Providing your channel partners with turnkey processes and resources gives them additional incentives to work for you, while freeing up your time to focus on other critical initiatives.

Ready to Help your Channel Partners Sell More of Your Solutions?