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Rise Above Channel Partner's Competing Interests

When you’re in charge of marketing and managing YOUR brand with your channel partners, you know the challenges you face. First and foremost: breaking through the noise. Channel resellers are bombarded with messaging, incentives, shiny new flat-screen TVs, tickets to the super-bowl… it can be hard to break through. RO Innovation’s Partner Enablement solution has been helping channel sales programs around the world break through the noise and motivate channel partners to sell more of their brand by providing superior experiences, highly relevant content, tracking tools, and more.

  • Increase Sales

    Vendors who provide their channel partners with programs that are easy to use, and produce measurable ROI for them are the ones that will break through the noise. When you stand above the rest, channel partners are motivated and excited to sell your solution over the competition.

  • Differentiate Your Offering

    Channel partners are juggling multiple vendors and trying to keep frequently changing product offerings and prospect messaging straight. By providing purpose-branded experiences and superior content just for them, you’ll stand out because you’ve made their job easier.

  • Provide a Better Experience

    Provide channel reps with a single, branded, secure location for all your sales and marketing content, customer testimonials and customer references, and microsite presentations.

  • Build Stronger Relationships

    If your partners rarely hear from you, they won’t be as invested in the program. They also won’t know the latest news, product updates, and strategic announcements. RO Innovation keeps you on top of engagement with partners to keep them informed and happy.

  • Give Partners Superior Tools

    With RO Innovation’s Partner Enablement solution, your channel sellers are armed with clear, comprehensive, prospect-ready product specs, testimonials, customer examples, competitive comparisons, email templates, call scripts, meeting agendas, and objection-handling cheat sheets.

  • Free Up Your Time

    Whether you have to provide very little education and support, or a great deal, providing turnkey processes and resources to Channel Partners gives them additional incentive to work for you, while freeing up your time to focus on other initiatives.

Customer Success Story

Broadsoft chose RO Innovation’s Partner Enablement solution to enhance their channel partner portal, and help their service providers better package and market solutions to grow their business. RO Innovation’s cloud-based solution has made it easier for Broadsoft’s solution providers to quickly find and personalize specific marketing assets for their selling situations. At the same time, Broadshoft now has a deeper level of knowledge and analysis about which marketing assets their solution partners find most useful, and can better organize, manage, and update its robust catalogue of go-to-market tools for its channel partner program.

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