3 Smart Ideas to Attract Advertisers in the Education Industry

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Liz Huff Senior Director, Customer Success


St. Louis Magazine sold this sweepstakes to a local daycare and child education center for $4,000. With a prize of six-months tuition, the sweepstakes attracted parents looking for a new daycare for their kiddos. They included an opt-in and two lead-generation questions which led to 62% opt-in rate and 30+ leads for the advertiser! Check out the full story here.

Sweepstakes-Kiddie-Academy-St Louis-Magazine

Photo/Video Contests

WTVA-TV ran this annual scholarship video contest sponsored in part by a local community college. They asked local college freshmen to submit a short video answering “Which person in your life has inspired you to make a difference in your community? What kind of legacy have they inspired you to leave?”. A panel of Administrator staff and sponsor representatives determine a winner who receives a $1,000 scholarship! A great goodwill campaign for both the station and advertiser.



Quizzes are perfect promotions for education-focused advertisers. KPWJ-FM ran a quiz-bundle campaign with a local math learning center. They utilized a ready-made turnkey to craft each ‘Are Your Smarter Than…’ quiz and collected over 160 opt-ins and 25 leads for the advertiser. And, to top it off, the station earned $3,000 in sponsorship revenue for the station. Check out the full case study here.

For even more ideas, download the Seller’s Guide. This handy tool has promotions ideas, prize ideas, lead-generation questions, and more for over 40 top advertising categories.

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