Why Timesheet

Take control of time and expense tracking across your organization.

No matter what industry you’re in, project-based businesses experience a common set of time-tracking challenges:

  • Time sheets are captured in multiple disconnected systems
  • Management does not have access to real-time report on projects and operations, making it difficult to measure progress or make informed decisions.
  • Legacy-outdated time tracking systems with high maintenance costs
  • Lack of effective internal controls for time sheet management, resulting in violations of company work policies and inaccurate cost accounting

Built on Upland’s PSA platform, Timesheet is a cloud-based application that automates project time tracking, time and attendance reporting, project costing and client billing. The platform tracks real-time resource utilization, streamlines timesheet submission and approval processes, and accurately reports on project cost and revenue information, including the automatic generation of project invoices.

Timesheet reduces administration costs and empowers your project workforce to make informed decisions.

Submit Reports Wherever You Are

Submit and track project timesheet and expense reports directly from a smartphone or tablet, quickly and easily.

  • Graphical Workflow Engine: Simply drag and drop to design and change workflows for any of your business processes
  • Easy-to-use mobile app

Track Time and Expense with Precision

Precisely track timesheet and expenses across all projects with powerful workflow-driven automation.

  • Automate approvals, routing, assignments, escalations and notifications

Speed Up Processing and Reduce Cost

Reduce your administration costs by integrating with your financial and CRM systems.

  • Exchange data with leading accounting, payroll, project management, HR and CRM applications, right out-of-the-box
  • Simple Phased Implementation: Start with one module, such as simple timesheets, and then adopt others over time, at your own pace

Tuned for the needs of your business

  • Timesheets for Time and Billing

    Increase Project Billing and Reduce Costs with Timesheet Time & Billing Project Tracking
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  • Timesheets for Time and Attendance

    Plan, budget and track project costs, reduce time & attendance costs, and streamline timesheets for payroll processing with Timesheet Time & Attendance
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