AccuRoute helps busy legal firms to improve efficiency by streamlining workflows and digitizing paper records.

Legal teams worldwide are taking their document and records processing into the modern era. This means implementing more effective methods to manage historically paper-dominated processes. AccuRoute’s capabilities allow each firm to implement technology and best practices for their specific needs.

Simplifed Processes, Fortified Protection

Empower your legal team by providing them with automated document processes and robust features to simplify their daily tasks – while keeping data security and compliance a top priority.

From batch scanning records for storage consolidation to improved handling for sensitive IP documents, digitizing the mailroom, on-demand capture from both desktop or mobile devices, and intuitive automated workflow processes, AccuRoute has the tools necessary to help legal firms of all sizes achieve the following:

  • Improved document accessibility save time and shorten discovery cycles by having files readily accessible in digital format
  • Empower law firms of any size to engage in anywhere, anytime document capture, faxing and scanning for attorneys on-the-go
  • Simplify legal’s most common workflows, improve productivity and accelerate document-driven processes
  • Flexibility in handling both paper and electronic documents, with a secure, integrated and easy-to-use software
  • Centralize information into one matter file by compiling documents from various sources into folders or document sets
  • Reduce costs by avoiding unnecessary document pulling, courier services, and return-to-storage fees
  • Never lose track of your documents, through extensive tracking, logging, and archiving
  • Increase security to allow only approved users to access content and complete specific tasks through user-based permissions.

Some of the world’s most reputable legal firms rely on AccuRoute for smarter document workflows, lower costs, and reduced risk with solutions for:


Records Scanning

Take your records department digital, cut unnecessary document-related costs, and increase accessibility for your employees to benefit business processes and better serve your clients.

IP Documents Handling

Get intellectual property documents into the hands of your legal team faster, automate your forms processing to increase throughput and reduce overall errors, and improve reporting and tracking.

Vendor Invoice Processing

Dealing with invoices can be a hassle, acquiring signatures and filing into legal financial systems can be tedious; automate these processes while handling the associated metadata with an integrated Upland FileBound solution.

Electronic Court Filing

Comply with current court system standards, convert any document from paper to electronic, while increasing your ability to format, size, and distribute pertinent documents.

On-Demand Capture

Reduce the office runaround and increase productivity, give your employees the ability to capture, format, and route important documents anytime, anywhere.

Other Related Solutions

From case information collection and management and cost recovery, to mailroom automation and litigation support, AccuRoute is an all-inclusive document processing platform to deal with all of the paper.

Revolutionize your document-intensive processes with AccuRoute