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Automotive solution manufacturer saves 18% of wireless costs in first year with Upland Cimpl

A lack of resources was stopping this company from optimizing its mobile telecom expenses. Cimpl provided a complete solution to help them save.


The Challenge

Day-to-day management of the company’s mobile inventory had become a full-time endeavour. The person in charge was struggling to process multiple orders per month, help users set up and troubleshoot their devices, and keep track of inventory. Additionally, the expectations of their role included reducing overall costs. But they had little extra time to devote to this activity, which involved analyzing invoices from two different mobile operators, to identify which devices were used the most, or pinpoint those that were no longer in use.

To gain visibility and control over its telecom costs in North America, and compensate for the shortfall in resources, the manufacturer had previously implemented a managed services solution. However, it was dissatisfied with the complexity of the processes provided and unable to identify the value generated by the services rendered.

The company needed a simpler, more convenient way of managing the tasks on its end, and managed services that earned their keep.


Cimpl – expert guidance and 24/7-available training

Cimpl’s single, streamlined Wireless Expense Management (WEM) platform was fully adopted by the company’s users, who were able to conveniently access the full range of online guides and regular training webinars as it suited their schedule. The always-available assets also enabled them to learn how to optimize management of telecom assets and services through the platform.

The Cimpl self-serve portal reduced the mobile inventory manager’s workload by allowing employees to confirm the devices in their possession, and place orders for new devices directly, thanks to the catalog management service and an automated workflow that includes approvals. The manager can now be confident that the inventory is a more accurate reflection of reality, and that orders are validated correctly.

Additionally, the manager is able to oversee the manufacturer’s mobile service accounts from the same platform. Cimpl’s telecom expense experts now take care of these, reviewing and analyzing the customer’s expenses through our automated discrepancy reports, and regularly providing optimization recommendations.

Benefits – relieved resources, accurate inventory, and optimized costs

Cimpl’s self-service capability has reduced the mobile inventory manager’s workload by 20 hours a month, bringing it down to a feasible level, and raised inventory accuracy to 85%.

Our managed services have identified unused active mobile lines, enabling them to be cancelled; flagged non-contractual charges; and found the most cost-effective plans for the company’s top users and occasional users alike. This has resulted in savings of more than 18% of the manufacturer’s annual spend in the first year alone. In fact, over the last year, they realized an ROI of 175%.

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