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Why One Company Switched Telecom Expense Management Provider

Joining the ranks of major players in the banking, energy, and retail sectors who rely on Cimpl’s services on a daily basis, we are proud to say that a large publicly traded construction company is now a part of our family.

Joining the ranks of major players in the banking, energy, and retail sectors who rely on Cimpl’s services on a daily basis, we are proud to say that a large publicly traded construction company is now a part of our family.

The company primarily provides services surrounding heavy civil construction, transportation infrastructure, and social infrastructure (e.g. water treatment facilities). They also lead other government projects such as major road building, construction and renovation of buildings. They even partake in the energy and mining sectors, extracting and processing minerals for mining projects, and energy projects like hydroelectric facilities or natural gas power plants. The firm also manufactures construction materials in its facilities located in North America. The company needs over 10,000 employees to efficiently work on these projects, which means that they manage a massive volume of IT and telecom assets and services.

Due to the size of the company, and the number of employees and IT assets the company manages, Telecom Expense Management quickly became a potential solution. They were previously using one of the largest TEM providers in the world; however, after 2 years of using their services, they felt that their needs simply weren’t being fulfilled. With so much staff movement and huge volumes of IT and telecom assets, they needed a TEM solution that could scale. This eventually led them to Cimpl.

In their search for a new TEM provider, the company quickly noticed what differentiated us from other providers, and decided to engage with us.

As part of the vetting process they visited our workplace, they confirmed during their tour of our facility and meetings with our team members that we have a similar company culture to their own: we both care about keeping our employees happy as we strive to continually improve the value we bring to our customers. We discovered that we are both award winning top employers and much like Cimpl, this construction company has a deep commitment to their employees. But that’s not all that matters. Having scale and culture in common made our partnership a natural fit! But they also needed a software that could fulfill their needs.

A key strength that secured our engagement was the strength of Cimpl’s platform. Viewing our demo convinced them that they would have, in addition to managing their telecom effectively, a crystal clear picture of their ROI, as well as cost transparency. They were impressed with our many features, such as the configurable reports, the asset view by end-users and the self-serve portal. They saw the value that we could bring to their company through usage optimization of all their technology assets, while managing their entire Enterprise Digital Footprint.

The ability to centralize all of their wireline and wireless services in one platform was also a key requirement of their engagement. Cimpl provides them with more visibility to their usage and costs as well as automated chargebacks. They wanted their managers to have access to certain information and for them to be able to easily generate reports; this was made possible thanks to Cimpl’s role-based access and its many configurable reports.

Since our first encounter with the company, we are continually helping them develop cost-saving and time-saving strategies to help them meet their key performance indicators and ROI. We have helped them discover billing overcharges and errors, which allowed them to save a significant amount of money. We also noted that some promised mobile features were missing, and rates had been implemented incorrectly, all of which was discovered by comparing contracts with actual charges. We were able to separate unused services and outdated elements of the company’s plans and seek new ones that were better suited to their needs. By identifying these errors and issues that often go unnoticed, Cimpl was able to help the company find a better rate plan to save money while eliminating unneeded services.

We continuously work hard to make improvements for our customers, and aim to not only meet, but also exceed their expectations. Due to our frequent software releases and constant improvements to our platform and processes, our customer has received constant refinement to their telecom management experience. We continuously maintain a great relationship, we see this success story as many others flourishing for many more years.

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If you feel like you are ready to go beyond Telecom Expense Management and you want to find a TEM provider that will fulfill all your needs like we did with this  construction company, don’t hesitate to contact us or request a demo.

If you feel like you need more information on the status of your TEM before engaging with a provider, download our free self-assessment checklist to guide you on what should be your next step.

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