Embracing Change to Enable Remote Work

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For the last several years, industry experts have talked a lot about the trending remote workforce, the new digital era, the future of work. Global events in 2020 have sped up the transition, and the demand for technologies to enable work from anywhere in subsequent years has skyrocketed.

Many current Upland clients started their digital transformation journey well before  the pandemic, and they’ve been able to maintain business continuity merely from having invested in electronic records and digitizing workflows.  Here are a few ways Upland Content Lifecycle Automation products are helping organizations across industries adapt processes to meet current business demands, whether they’re based in a brick and mortar office or their home office:


  • Compliant Communications | Secure, HIPAA and PHIPA compliant cloud fax communications enable fast, reliable services to patients while ensuring the security of personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Payments and Vendor Management | Streamlined workflows, online forms, and eSignature capture for medical claims processing, invoices, and vendor documentation mean faster payments and services.
  • Employee Lifecycle Management | From applications to contracting, onboarding, annual reviews, and terminations, HR staff is supported each step of the way.


  • Increased Accessibility | From the mailroom to case management, we enable access to digital records, ensuring attorneys and staff have fast, secure access to critical documents from anywhere.
  • Digital Records Management | Scan to legal Document Management Systems such as iManage, NetDocuments, and more eliminates manual data entry and speeds up case matter management and court e-filing processes.
  • Cost Savings | Elimination of onsite and offsite records storage frees up real estate, increases accessibility, and empowers staff to focus on billable time instead of hunting for documents.

Financial Services

  • Streamlined Processes | From contract management to loan processing, HR employee management, and beyond, our productss create transparent, accessible, and auditable document trails.
  • Compliance | Our capture, fax, and document automation processes are compliant to financial regulations such as SEC 17(A), Sarbanes-Oxley, and Level 1 PCI DSS standards, among other regulatory mandates.
  • Simplified Content | Comprehensive, user-friendly interface for content capture and routing makes reliable document-intensive processes a breeze for busy branch staff.


  • Enhanced Student Services | Our products simplify student cumulative file management, helps to manage online enrollments and transcript requests, and ensures key staff is aware of student health, safety, or learning needs.
  • Vendor and Resource Requests | From grant and funding requirements, to vendor selection and contracting, to equipment, resource, or event space requests, everything can be accomplished online from one centralized dashboard.
  • Faculty and Volunteer Management | Users can track every step around digital personnel files, including background checks, annual staff contracting, onboarding, ongoing training, employee reviews, and terminations. They can also create online forms and harness e-Signature capabilities to enable fast, accessible communications.


  • Project Management | Streamline procurement and contract bidding, project authorizations, and create transparent processes to keep projects and funding moving in the right direction.
  • Enhanced Communications | Enable the reliable and secure exchange of information between civic departments and provides citizens easy access to items like property records, city council transcripts, or emergency updates.
  • Streamlined Services | Online forms and payment portals allow citizens to submit requests, voice feedback and concerns, request or register for services, or quickly pay for items like parking tickets or utilities.

Better technology creates opportunities to grow and make your organization more vital and resilient. The Upland Content Lifecycle Automation team is committed to helping you find better ways to get work done, and we have the products and expertise needed to get you moving quickly.  Reach out to us today to learn more and see how Upland can help your organization succeed.

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