Why being PHIPA compliant matters:

InterFAX provides technical, physical, and procedural security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of faxes sent in the healthcare industry.

Cloud-based technology is quickly transforming the way Canadian businesses operate, which has resulted in an increased demand for more resilient and comprehensive cloud computing infrastructures. For document-driven, crucial service industries like healthcare, the integrity of data is a top priority, which means that healthcare providers are seeking communications solutions that adhere to compliance mandates while enhancing the ability to provide fast, reliable, and superior patient services. Our PHIPA compliant cloud fax solution helps EMR providers and healthcare organizations send faxes while aligning with PHIPA regulations to ensure secure, reliable information flow and exchange.

InterFAX is already helping Canadian healthcare providers of all sizes to ensure security, boost efficiency, and offer fast services for patients and their families with enhanced cloud communications processes. What’s more, we are 100% aligned with Canada’s stringent data residency requirements, as we have invested in opening a Montreal-based data center to provide critical in-country data storage for our Canadian customers. That means you can rest assured that your critical patient data is secure.


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Upland InterFAX understands the demand for resilient, comprehensive cloud computing infrastructures that enhance the ability to provide fast, reliable, and superior patient services. As a leader in digital transformation resources, we support regulatory requirements like PHIPA through robust security and data residency measures, and recently invested in a Montreal-based data center to provide in-country data storage.

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InterFAX supports specific compliance needs with security features such as:


Automatic Fax Deletion Upon Delivery


Secure Fax API


Full Audit Trail


TLS 1.2 Encryption 


User Authentication


Business Associate Agreement

PHIPA compliant faxWhat is PHIPA?

The Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) is a comprehensive piece of legislation that addresses complex issues concerning the collection, use, and disclosure of personal health information. PHIPA makes it mandatory for Canadian-based healthcare providers and organizations to improve the efficiency of electronic transactions while ensuring the security and confidentiality of information.

PHIPA has changed the way healthcare organizations send, receive, and store confidential patient information. Organizations must implement security and privacy measures that protect the confidentiality and integrity of personal health information being transmitted electronically. Thus, PHIPA regulations affect the security measures required when faxing medical data between healthcare providers, patients, and other entities. This is a key factor in choosing a PHIPA fax solution in the healthcare industry.


“We have used InterFAX for our bulk fax needs for many years and have found it to be simpler and more efficient to work with than other fax service providers. We particularly enjoy the ability to communicate securely through InterFAX’s API/web service.”

– Renzo Luzzatti, President  US-Rx Care

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