Automated workflow and document management for nonprofits

FileBound helps nonprofits streamline operational processes such as accounts payable, financial assistance requests, contract and grant management, travel requests and more. Employees get more done with less effort, and audits are a breeze with documents stored securely in the cloud.

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Ditch the paperwork and amplify your mission.

Nonprofit staff, how many hats are you wearing right now? We understand your team may be lean, but you do a ton to positively impact your community. Why get bogged down tracking paper invoices, approvals, assistance requests, and audit documentation? FileBound provides customized workflows that can help your team easily create, route, review, process, and retrieve all that content.
That’s a win.

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Streamline internal processes to empower staff.

Whether its accounts payable, human resources, volunteer management, or audits, FileBound can handle just about anything.

  • Simplify invoice approvals, eliminate bottlenecks, and accelerate third-party payments for assistance requests.
  • Digitize volunteer applications, onboarding, and human resources processes for staff.
  • Eliminate manual processes and paperwork for ongoing grantor and compliance audits and retain funding with audit-ready access to documentation.
  • Seamlessly integrate FileBound with your existing accounting and human resources systems.

Help your clients get the resources they need faster.

Every assistance request is time-sensitive, so let us help you keep work flowing.

  • Create online forms for clients to easily submit assistance requests, attach income verification and other supporting documentation, and obtain e-Signatures.
  • Upon submission, automatically route content for review and approval to appropriate staff and alert them to action.
  • Dramatically reduce the time from submission to payment, amplifying your impact to the community you serve.
Provide auditors with everything they need

Simplify that next audit by giving auditors temporary access to every piece of documentation required to perform due diligence.

Get back more time to focus on clients

Focus less on paperwork and processing by letting FileBound handle the details, so your staff and volunteers can focus on clients.

Empower remote and onsite staff to get work done

Provide access to mission-critical documentation and processes from any web-enabled device, so work can happen from anywhere.


After implementing FileBound, Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana reduced its accounts payable workload by 64 percent.


Yonkers Community Action Program completed its last audit in half the time since grantors could access all documentation.


Volunteers of America Colorado is able to process Temporary Financial Assistance requests 50 percent faster using FileBound.

How does FileBound help nonprofits with Accounts Payable?

How does FileBound help nonprofits with Accounts Payable?
Learn how FileBound provides nonprofits with user-friendly workflow automation to improve accounts payable processes by connecting users with the information they need to work more efficiently.

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Before FileBound, we had a completely manual and paper-based process, which was incredibly inefficient. FileBound has transformed the efficiency in which we make twice daily payments to landlords for veterans experiencing homelessness.
This technology has saved everyone time, from our case managers, to accounts payable staff, to the CFO.

Mike Pritchard
VP of Administrative Services and CFO
Volunteers of America Colorado

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Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana

This nonprofit simplified their accounts payable processes, relieving staff from manual tasks while eliminating the paper trail.

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Stand Down finds a way to provide service to veterans and their families faster.

Stand Down needed a way to speed up client service requests for critical housing and utility assistance.

24 hours service time

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Website Resource Card - Yonkers


Yonkers Community Action Program automates AP processes, reducing work during audits.

This nonprofit needed to eliminate inefficient manual accounting processes and reduce paperwork. Using FileBound, staff has automated the routing, review, and approval of expenses and streamlined its audit processes.