Human Resources

Transform HR operations and drive efficiency with automation

From applications to onboarding, employee management to separations, FileBound keeps HR processes running smoothly, securely, and efficiently. 

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Take control of the endless document chaos.

Human resources teams store a lot of files. Whether it’s constantly updated company policies, crucial onboarding documents, or new-hire paperwork, your library is always growing.  

FileBound helps HR teams easily manage, find, and deliver content to the right people at the right time. Plus your data is secure and only accessible based on permission-based settings.


Accelerate process completion with no-code workflows

FileBound’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to build workflows for critical processes. By streamlining tasks, time and effort is saved from beginning to end, reducing frustration with tedious tasks and ultimately improving employee satisfaction.  

  • Improve turnaround time for new hires with electronic forms and eSignatures 
  • Set up action alerts for PTO approvals, contract renewals, and annual reviews 
  • Monitor progress and uncover bottlenecks with custom analytics dashboards 

Improve efficiency while keeping the human touch.

Increase HR productivity by decreasing time spent on time-consuming tasks such as record requests, employee time-off requests, file audits, and document routing.

Automate processes  

  • Electronically send documents such as applications, PTO requests, and more to anyone who needs to approve them according to business rules
  • Harness automation to work at peak efficiency, eliminate bottlenecks, and give HR staff time to focus on improving company culture instead of time-consuming, repetitive tasks

Ensure efficiency  

  • Improve response times from top-tier applicants, retain first-choice candidates, and keep employee morale high
  • Batch send so requests can be approved one by one or simultaneously from any device

Eliminate tedium 

  • FileBound takes care of the details—no more checklists, searching for missing documents, or validating data
  • Improve the employee experience by giving your staff the resources to complete important processes like annual reviews faster, with less effort

Enforce compliance 

  • Automate retention of documents and records according to internal policies and compliance requirements 
  • Reduce the risk of human error resulting in lost, misplaced, or stalled documents by eliminating the need to route paper files or track confusing email threads 
  • Create rules to immediately remove systems permissions and access to files for terminated staff or those with reduced privileges 

Just get more done 

  • Integrate electronic employee records with existing HR software for a single view of all employee information—PTO accruals and requests, disciplinary records, annual review paperwork, and more 
  • Focus more on people by promoting employee engagement and cultural enhancement, and spend less time on tedious paperwork and processes 

Create workflows to increase efficiency and security 

Any process centered around a document or form can be created in FileBound. Performance reviews, vacation requests, benefit election changes, employment satisfaction surveys, and more can be stored, automated, tracked and reported on from FileBound. 

Build an audit-ready and compliant workflow

Simplify audits by giving auditors temporary access to every piece of documentation required to perform due diligence.

Focus less on paperwork, more on employees

Let FileBound save time processing daily work, so your team can focus on employee development and engagement. 

Empower remote and onsite staff to get work done

Provide access to mission-critical documents and processes from any web-enabled device, so work can happen from anywhere.

“For us, there is nothing more important than our employees, as we are nothing without them. Our teams work together to produce an outstanding product. The efficiencies that Upland helps us drive in the background play a large part in that.”

Director of Human Resources
US Fruit Farming Company

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Fruit Farming and Production Company Streamlines HR and Compliance Lifecycle Processes

This US-based top 10 fruit farming and production Company uses FileBound and AccuRoute to improve processes for their Human Resources, Food Safety, and Compliance teams.