K-12 and secondary education

Automated workflow and document management for education

FileBound helps K-12 districts and universities streamline student enrollment and records, automate approvals processes, and improve communication with students, staff, and your community.

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Digitize processes to speed up daily work.

The demands on teachers and administrative staff continue to grow, but that doesn’t mean your budget will. That’s why K-12 districts and universities nationwide use FileBound to automate tasks, reduce operational expenses, and digitize documents to eliminate inefficient paper-based processes.

From student records to vendor invoices, approvals, assistance requests, and more, FileBound provides customized workflows to help your team easily create, route, review, process, and retrieve content—so staff can find more time to focus on student achievement. 

Improve efficiency by automating processes.

Whether its accounts payable, human resources, or audits, FileBound can handle just about anything.

  • Simplify invoice approvals, eliminate bottlenecks, and accelerate processing for tuition and other student fees.
  • Digitize staff hiring, onboarding, and human resources processes.
  • Eliminate manual processes and paperwork for compliance audits and retain funding with audit-ready access to documentation.
  • Seamlessly integrate FileBound with your existing accounting and human resources systems.

Provide services to students more quickly.

Student requests are time-sensitive, so let us help you keep work flowing.

  • Create online forms for students to easily submit items such as enrollments and attach supporting documentation including e-Signatures.
  • Upon submission, automatically route content to specific staff for review and approval
  • Integrate with Skyward and PowerSchools to automatically add content to a student’s digital file.
  • Improve service time and minimize effort, so staff can focus on student achievement instead of paperwork.
Provide auditors with everything they need

Simplify that next audit by giving auditors temporary access to every piece of documentation required to perform due diligence.  

Get back more time to focus on students

Focus less on paperwork and processing by letting FileBound handle the details, so your staff can focus on student-facing tasks.

Empower remote and onsite staff to get work done

Provide access to documentation and processes from any web-enabled device, so work can happen from anywhere.


DeSoto County Schools took student registrations online, eliminating paperwork by 90% while drastically improving service times.


Rapid City Area Schools reduced invoice processing time from a week for three staff members to less than two hours with only one staff member.


Cedarville University replaced over 20 different paper-based processes with online electronic forms and automation.

How does FileBound streamline student and administrative services?

Learn how FileBound helps K-12 educators focus on what really matters by ensuring staff has reliable access to required student documentation, records, and central office requests and processes.

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The district was drowning in paper. It took staff forever to manually correlate, store, and retrieve student records. Digitizing documents has helped us conquer the chaos of paper documentation and modernize our services.

Nancy Williams
Business Analyst, Rapid City Area Schools, South Dakota

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Rapid City Area Schools goes paperless and gets back time to focus on students.

This busy K-12 district needed an all-in-one system to make student records and back office processes more efficient.

2 hours for AP processing

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DeSoto County Schools eliminates 90% of student registration paperwork.

This busy Mississippi district took student registrations online, eliminating paperwork by 90% while drastically improving service times.


Cedarville University provides a top-notch student experience using online forms.

Cedarville University used FileBound to enhance the student experience by digitizing enrollment forms, identifying and helping at-risk students, and accelerating communications.