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Create forms quickly with our drag-and-drop forms designer or automatically transform existing PDFs into electronic forms to get work done faster.

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Get content in a snap with digital forms

Utilize electronic forms and improve processes
If paper processes don’t spark joy, just ditch them. Capturing content via electronic forms makes your workday simpler since you don’t have to deal with manually indexing data contained in documents.

Replace old-school paper forms.

Upgrading from paper to online forms created using draganddrop design tools helps compile relevant data and lets users upload supporting documents.  

  • Automatically index numeric fields, data, text, and more directly into document metadata and route directly to workflows or applications. 
  • Include a basic template library to enforce content standards or even internal branding. 
  • Gather data and automatically route to workflows or integrated systems like Salesforce. 
  • Save time spent handling paper forms or trying to manually track and route requests via email.

Provide an incredible user experience.

Improve service and convenience by creating an external portal that is securely accessible via a direct web link. Enable multiple forms in one view based on the audience.

  • Include e-signature capabilities via Docusign and Dropbox Sign integrations to securely capture sign-offs and speed up turnaround.
  • Allow users to effortlessly attach supplementary information or documents.
  • Automatically route to workflows upon submission and trigger action alerts if more information is needed.
  • Use form data in workflow decisions, to auto-populate records, and to update ancillary applications.
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Fast and friendly forms design

No coding experience needed to create forms. Just drag, drop, and customize to your needs.

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A more connected experience

Captured content can automatically route to recipients, workflows, or ERP, SIS, and DMS systems based on rules.

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Understand the data you have

Businesses can quickly modify forms or workflow configuration and improve customer experience.

Electronic forms and e-Signature flexibility across industries

Infusing electronic forms into processes enhances staff efficiency and improves user experience, whatever your focus.

  • Gather client information to enable faster service request times
  • Reduce paperwork burden for smaller teams or departments
  • Enable faster fundraising requests, volunteer applications, and more
  • Securely store content to ensure audit-readiness and mission funding
  • Fast-track student needs such as enrollments, financial aid, and transcripts
  • Sync with student information systems (SIS) to add data to student files
  • Streamline staffing needs such as hiring, reviews, PTO requests, and payroll
  • Gather parent permissions and receive inbound alerts to ensure student safety or well-being
  • Create online portals for utility payments, voter registrations, and more
  • Allow for faster communications and data transmission between offices
  • Ensure uninterrupted, anytime access to critical community services
Human Resources
  • Simplify hiring with online applications and supporting data uploads
  • Eliminate paper PTO requests, review documentation, and more
  • Maintain complete employee profiles armed with action alerts
Accounts Payable
  • Automate POs and accounting processes
  • Enable faster turnaround time with eSignature approvals
  • Create vendor self-service portals to easily submit documentation

Office workers waste $5 trillion of time annually on repetitive tasks solved by electronic forms.

3 months

Most paper forms have outdated content within three months.

How do electronic forms work?

Learn how to create electronic forms in minutes or automatically capture data from existing PDFs to eliminate paper processes and work smarter.

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FileBound has rescued our busy team. Using online forms, service time for requests has gone from weeks to only a day for our clients, and it has certainly made life easier for our staff as well.

Sarah Powers
Lead Case Manager, Stand Down

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Stand Down finds a way to provide service to veterans and their families faster.

Stand Down needed a way to speed up client service requests for critical housing and utility assistance.

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