Nonprofits: Time to Transform Processes for Remote Work

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Team FileBound
By Chad Epperson, Account Director

2020 was a busy year for nonprofits, and many are still trying to pivot to adjust to challenges presented by a remote-working business reality, even now. In order to best serve communities, nonprofits must find ways to keep “business as usual” services moving smoothly, even while physical offices are shut down or some services are temporarily reduced. That means adopting technology and processes to better accommodate the needs of this era.

How has your nonprofit fared over the last year? What sort of automated practices does your organization already have in place for back-office work? Have certain tasks – such as Accounts Payable processes – been more challenging due to reduced staffing and outdated manual practices? How could reliable digital solutions help you achieve more of the important work you do?

Whatever “new normal” timeline we land on, there’s no argument that organizations who have given their digital processes consideration will be better prepared moving forward.  FileBound automates document-intensive work so you can focus on more high-value tasks – like your clients and your mission. Our goal is to help you ensure that services to your community can continue, whatever the circumstance.

FileBound can help your nonprofit reduce staffing needs, decrease operational costs, increase funding, and simplify existing tasks by giving you the ability to:

  • Capture documents from multiple incoming sources, extract data, and send to a rules-based workflow – from your mobile device or desktop
  • Streamline the hundreds (or thousands) of invoices, TFA forms, volunteer requests, and other documentation you receive each month
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and improve transparency with the ability to view the progression of documents in the workflow in real-time
  • Implement better processes so your clients and their families benefit from more reliable service and resources
  • Access real-time progress via our dashboard, so you know where your team can work to eliminate inefficiencies
  • Measure key metrics and project results to aid in securing additional funds or grants Streamlining time-consuming work lets you focus on what really matters – providing your community with the best services and resources possible. Empowering your staff with more technology that alleviates manual work means they will have less on their plate, so they can focus on providing high-value outcomes to those in need.

There‘s no going back to our old business climate. FileBound can help your nonprofit adapt and conquer new challenges by putting a comprehensive Digital Transformation strategy in place. Reach out anytime to schedule a demo to see our product in action.

Chad Epperson  is an Account Director at Upland Software and has nearly 15 years of experience helping organizations streamline business processes with automated software solutions.

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