Success Story

Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana

This nonprofit simplified their accounts payable processes, relieving staff from manual tasks while eliminating the paper trail.

Regional nonprofit Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana harnessed FileBound’s document management and workflow automation software  to simplify accounts payable processes, ensure deliverability of their contracts, and grant staff more time to help the people they serve.

Customer success highlights

  • Streamlined AP processes, freeing up staff to continue their mission of supporting over 55,000 children, families, seniors, individuals and veterans in south Louisiana.
  • Automation removed the need to hire additional AP staff (nearly $40k saved), freeing up funds to create opportunities for community members.
  • AP saw a drastic reduction of 64% in time spent on manual invoice processing and paper trail problems. They also reduced costs associated with check filing as well as physical print and copy materials.

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The challenge

Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana was growing quickly, and the burden on the AP clerk was increasing. The root of the issue was an outdated and inefficient AP system. The solo AP professional was bogged down with manual data entry, often requiring other staff to pitch in as much as 50 percent of their time to help.

With multiple offices, other problems that continued to arise were missing invoices or invoices that arrived at the wrong office and were then routed incorrectly. This resulted in recurring late fees and lost time tracking down delinquent paperwork via email threads and phone calls.

How they did it

The streamlined AP process freed up staff to continue their mission of supporting more than 55,000 people in the community, and automation removed the need to hire additional staff, saving $40k annually. AP saw a drastic reduction in invoice processing time, paper trail issues, and costs associated with check filing and copy materials. Costs for filing cabinets and paper storage are now obsolete and will be phased out as document retention mandates expire.

The results

FileBound’s document management software helped Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana during an annual audit. Staff completed the audit with ease by reducing the time spent locating documentation. Auditors were also given temporary, limited permissions so they could easily access and view documentation, greatly speeding along the audit process. Electronic versions of POs, invoices, and checks were securely stored and easily accessed.

Success with updating AP processes inspired this nonprofit to apply FileBound solutions to other areas. For contract management, FileBound improved the review and approvals cycle and installed renewal reminders. For human resources, FileBound digitized paper processes such as employee requisitions, change requests, and terminations. By standardizing and automating these duties, staff can now focus on more value-centric work, rather than manual tasks.

“FileBound empowered us to unburden our staff’s days from manual time-consuming duties. Now they have more time for tasks that matter most for the community we serve. After all, we’re here to help people, not to focus on paperwork.”

Lisa Wagnon
Administrative Management
Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana

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