FileBound for Human Resources

Increase HR efficiency and provide stellar employee service, from recruitment to separation.

FileBound increases Human Resources efficiency throughout the employee lifecycle, from applications to terminations. Instead of managing files and routing documents physically or via email, a document management system streamlines the process to quickly bring new hires on board, improve employee relations, and provide efficient service without losing the human touch.

Empower your HR employees by giving them more time to focus high value tasks and  meaningful initiatives, such as nurturing company culture, employee retention, and professional development. FileBound helps busy HR teams to efficiently manage the employee lifecycle from start to finish, using features such as:

  • Consolidate documents from any source— email, scanned documents, electronic forms, and more, and automatically route them for review, approval, and retention in the right employee file.
  • Grant access rights to specific users like HR staff, payroll, or management so they can only view and edit appropriate documents.
  • Create electronic forms to easily capture information from new hires or current staff and automatically add it to the correct employee file.
  • Comprehensive version tracking to ensure staff has access to every revision on every document and your organization is well prepared for that next audit.

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