FileBound for Contract Management

Accelerate contract processing and eliminate chaos using contract management software that automates processes, improves accessibility, and boosts efficiency at every step.

From drafting to client approvals and renewals, FileBound enhances your contract management capabilities so you can get more done.

Staying on top of contracts doesn’t need to be a full time job. Why not harness technology to save time, minimize effort, ensure accuracy, and reduce costs all in one step? FileBound’s contract management software allows users to efficiently manage the contract lifecycle from start to finish, using features such as:

  • Automatic import and routing of contracts that include immediate notifications and access to content for appropriate staff working from anywhere.
  • FileBound’s Electronic Forms Portal which allows for fast, easy content submission and gathering of e-Signature approvals.
  • Creation of alerts for renewals, needed actions, or important upcoming dates so you never need to worry about missing a deadline.
  • Comprehensive version tracking to ensure staff has access to every revision on every document and your organization is well prepared for that next audit.

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