FileBound for Workflow Automation

Eliminate manual work, banish approval bottlenecks, build project transparency, and focus your time on high-value tasks with user-friendly, no code technology.

Organize work and empower staff with FileBound. We help you increase control of daily processes and uncover areas for improvement.

If you’re spending too much time focused on menial tasks, are you really working effectively? Whatever your industry or focus, FileBound’s workflow automation enhances staff efficiency and improves user experience. Quickly and easily build automated workflows to get the content you need using a user-friendly, no-code interface. Boost efficiency and decrease turnaround time by automating routing and approval processes so your staff can get what they need without dealing with tedious busywork.

Build the workflows you need.

  • Build from templates or create customized workflows and easily update as needed.
  • Benefit from a no-code experience, meaning anyone can configure workflows using a drag-and-drop designer.
  • Add business rules, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and provide documentation that all guidelines were followed.

Get the content you want more quickly.

  • Automatically import and route content to one or multiple recipients based on rule configurations.
  • Plug and play using complementary features such as electronic forms and analytics to accelerate processes and avoid bottlenecks.
  • Set up scheduled events and action alerts to stay on top of work.
  • Customize your dashboard to monitor progress and review process analytics.

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