Success Story

Lincoln Animal Ambassadors modernizes information-heavy processes

Lincoln Animal Ambassadors needed to digitize processes and automate time-consuming tasks.

Lincoln Animal Ambassadors had many mission-critical tasks, from accounts payable to assistance requests and volunteer management, that were driven by paper. For this nonprofit, paper processes meant time lost. They needed a more efficient system, and turned to FileBound to uncover ways to automate the details so they could serve their community more effectively.

Customer success highlights

  • Using FileBound, client assistance requests are fulfilled 75% faster, since they can be easily submitted, tracked, and approved online. Clients can attach supporting documents, such as income verification, in one step.
  • Local vets can submit invoices and receive reimbursements quickly online, rather than waiting for tedious paperwork processes and approvals. Payments are automatically issued in less than one day, instead of two to three weeks.
  • The accounting team is more efficient than ever, using FileBound to streamline expense report processes and provide tracking and documentation for all donations and grants, making audits much more organized.

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The challenge

Lincoln Animal Ambassadors was too dependent on paper processes. The nonprofit’s Pet Food Bank and Spay/ Neuter Voucher Program issued physical payment vouchers for services, and placement in the programs depended on clients mailing in paper applications and income information. Staff had to manually approve and process paperwork, a cumbersome task that took as long as six weeks in some cases.

How they did it

Lincoln Animal Ambassadors used FileBound to replace paper processes for their Pet Food Bank and Spay/Neuter Voucher Programs with automated workflows that allow staff to review, track, and approve client requests online from one centralized dashboard. Now this nonprofit staff saves time, clients receive needed services much more quickly, and documents and supporting information are securely stored in the FileBound cloud for fast, easy access by permissioned users.

The results

But that’s not all! In addition to modernizing processes for their Pet Food Bank and Spay/Neuter Voucher Programs, Lincoln Animal Ambassadors also uses FileBound to boost efficiency by automating accounts payable processes, donation and grant management, volunteer onboarding, and mission-critical processes for their contact center. This nonprofit went from dealing with bottlenecks and inefficient paper processes, to digitizing document-heavy tasks and automating the details. In the end, that means they are more efficient, more productive, and can serve the needs of their community (and their furry friends) faster and more reliably than ever.

“FileBound’s automation has reduced time spent issuing spay/neuter vouchers by 75%. I am very pleased with the product.”

Pauline Balta
Lincoln Animal Ambassadors

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