Best Practices for Working from Home with InGenius

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In these strange times, working from home has likely started to become a routine as you adjust to the new normal. Hopefully, this means you’ve settled into your new workspace and can now focus on making the most of your home office set up.

At the same time, nothing is quite normal, so your day-to-day tasks may look different than they did 2 months ago. One thing that can be a sure constant for you though is that InGenius still works the same. The same features you were used to from the office are still there, so you can continue to work the way you’re used to when making or taking phone calls.

That being said, now that you can’t chat with your coworker in person, there are a few features you might not have been using previously that you’ll find particularly helpful now.

The InGenius user guide

It’s likely that you learned to use InGenius through training from your manager or peers. While this is a great method, it’s not as convenient now to ask your teammates every time you think, “I wonder if there’s a better way”. Luckily, the InGenius user guide is available to you from the moment you log into InGenius, ready to show you how to best use the application.

Automated call logging

InGenius allows users to set up call log templates that can be used with the click of a button. This eliminates the need to type the same thing over and over again if dealing with the same type of call. For an extra time-saving bonus, you can also just double-click on the call result and InGenius will log the call for you!

Without being able to stop and chat with your team and boss, it can also be hard to know if customers have common questions that could be addressed with updates to the product or through online documentation. Using call log templates standardizes the phrases that each agent uses, so it’s easy to track in your CRM the types of requests that are coming into the contact center.

Screen transfer

If you’re working in an inbound contact center, despite the best efforts of an IVR system, you may end up talking with a customer who needs to speak with a different colleague. InGenius allows you to transfer a call, while also transferring the CRM record you’re looking at and any notes from the call that you’ve already made. This gives the new agent context to the call before they start to speak with the customer and means that the customer doesn’t need to repeat their question or problem.

Speed dials

If you had a desk phone set up in your office environment, you may not have gotten around to setting up your softphone speed dials within InGenius. These buttons work the same way as your desk phone speed dials would, and you can set up to 10 at a time. Administrators can choose to set some, all, or none of these speed dials, leaving the remainder open for each agent to set independently.

You can set speed dials for internal transfers, or common external numbers that you need to call.

Alphanumeric search

Speed dials are great for the numbers that users need to call most frequently. For numbers that aren’t called as often, InGenius can do an alphanumeric search to find CRM records. Users can search by name or phone number, and once the relevant record is found, simply click the search result to start the outbound call.

Screen pop and call history

For inbound calls from existing customers or prospects, InGenius pops the record in the CRM, giving each agent context to the call. Thanks to our integration with the CRM, InGenius will also show the call history of the caller so agents will be able to differentiate between one-off questions and recurring concerns.

The InGenius support team

We have a wonderful customer support team here at InGenius, available for the more perplexing issues facing your organization. You can always reach them at

Other remote work resources

Our team has put together some other resources to help you adjust to the new normal of remote work at Here you’ll find a 3‑part webinar series, Connected Through Change: Empowering Your Remote Workforce, and other resources like complimentary access to a knowledgebase with common FAQ for applications like Slack, Skype for Business, and more.

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