Automated Call Logging Software by InGenius

InGenius® automated call logging automatically captures your inbound and outbound calls.

InGenius® automated call logging software automatically captures your inbound and outbound calls. Quickly add notes with customizable call log templates and disposition codes that match your business process. Streamline and standardize your agents’ call logging to drive call capacity, improve customer service and produce call report

Video Transcript

InGenius Connector Enterprise enables automated call logging so contact centers can consistently capture their calls and minimize call wrap-up time. Using InGenius, sales and service teams are equipped with the tools required to increase agent productivity and call capacity.

Ashley is a contact center agent. Throughout the day, she receives calls about her organization’s products and services.

With InGenius, Ashley uses call log templates configured by her business to quickly enter notes and add relevant information about each call. Her organization standardizes the format of logging for ease of management, and to ensure all required information about a call is captured.

When a call ends, Ashley chooses a disposition code defined by her business and logs the call in her CRM.

With automated call logging, call duration gets tracked automatically, and Ashley spends more time with customers and less time manually entering information after each call.

Ashley’s managers can leverage existing reporting tools to measure agent performance and can make intelligent management decisions based on the accurate call data InGenius automatically stores inside the CRM.

InGenius Customer Service Call Log Software Benefits …

InGenius call logging enables all users to create standardized notes that can easily be tracked and reported on. Call log templates benefit:

  • Call center agents
  • Customer service representatives
  • Sales representatives
  • IT help desk members

The Customer Service Call Log Software Integrates With…

InGenius offers automated call logging in all of our integrations. Call logging is available in Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ServiceNow CRMs, and Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Mitel, and Twilio phone systems.

InGenius Customer Service Call Log Software Main Features

InGenius automated call logging offers the ability for management and/or users to create standard templates for call notes. This allows agents to reduce their after call work time, while taking more accurate notes. Standardizing templates also allows management to easily build reports, for a better view and understanding of customer and prospect needs.

InGenius Customer Service Call Log Software Is Customizable

InGenius call log templates are 100% customizable to the needs of your business. InGenius administrators have the option of building all templates for all users, allowing users to create their own templates, or any combination of the 2. Call log templates are designed with flexibility, to fit each businesses’ needs.

InGenius ensures there is visibility into all inbound and outbound call activity, enabling a 360-degree view of all customer interactions. For more information on ccustomer service call log software from InGenius, visit us today at

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