Salesforce Service Cloud with InGenius Telephony Integration

InGenius® Connector Enterprise builds on Salesforce® Open CTI to boost your Service Cloud contact center. InGenius equips services teams with the tools required to quickly, and efficiently support meaningful customer interactions. Gain a true 360-degree view of customer interactions by integrating telephony data right inside Salesforce.

Video Transcript

InGenius Connector Enterprise enables Salesforce Service Cloud contact centers to increase agent productivity, while providing a better customer experience. With features like screen pop, automated call logging and screen transfer, InGenius equips service teams with the tools they need to quickly and efficiently support meaningful customer interactions.

Here is a customer care representative named Kate. Her role is to provide customer support for inbound calls. When Kate receives a call, her screen pops the customer’s record by matching the caller ID or IVR information. All information about the caller is at Kate’s fingertips, allowing her to provide a warm start to the call and eliminating redundant questions.

Once the call is connected, she’s able to see the duration of the call, her telephony state and phone controls, all from within Salesforce, eliminating the need to switch between windows or fumble with the desk phone.

Kate quickly enters notes with a head start due to a pre-configured template, and adds additional relevant information.

After a brief conversation with the customer, Kate realizes she needs to transfer the call to her co-worker in billing. With screen transfer by InGenius, all of Kate’s call notes, related objects and currently open records are popped on her co-worker’s screen, so the customer doesn’t need to repeat any information.

Once the call is transferred, she chooses a wrap-up code defined by her business and logs the call in Salesforce.

InGenius also provides deep integration with Salesforce Omni-Channel to increase productivity for blended agents like Kate, who can handle other channels during breaks in phone activity. She doesn’t have to manually set her status, since InGenius ensures her telephony and Omni-Channel statuses are synced.

Kate’s contact center is also making use of Einstein Bot technology from Salesforce to resolve low-touch customer requests, while more complex cases go to agents like Kate. InGenius helps extend existing phone systems’ use of chatbot technology, giving customers the opportunity to request a call back from an agent.

Kate’s managers enable enhanced management reporting, like call data and performance metrics, within the Salesforce dashboard.

Having the tools and information required to provide exceptional customer service makes the difference between winning and losing customers. For more information on InGenius for Salesforce Service Cloud, visit us today at

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