HIPAA-compliant fax for healthcare providers

InterFAX’s cloud fax service ensures secure, reliable communications that safeguard sensitive data while speeding up access to care and services.

Imagine if you had cloud fax technology that could:

  • Seamlessly integrate with existing EMR/EHRs such as Epic
  • Quickly and securely get intake and process referrals where they need to go to provide faster patient care
  • Eliminate data security concerns while lowering operational costs
  • Monitor communications, maintain compliance, and safeguard PHI


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Secure communications, faster patient care.

Empower staff with compliant, user-friendly cloud fax technology that integrates with existing EMRs to handle the large volume of sensitive documents and urgent communications you receive every day.

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Integrated technology that fits your needs.

With our versatile Developer API capabilities and integration-ready service, staff efficiency is sure to reach new heights.

  • Drastically reduce IT maintenance and eliminate hardware upkeep.
  • Flexible Developer API lets you customize InterFAX to specific business needs.
  • Seamlessly dovetail InterFAX with existing CRM and EMR systems to improve access to data.
  • User-friendly web interface allows users to send PHI directly from a fax queue to the EMR.
healthcare security

Rest easy with secure & compliant communications.

When it comes to data security, we make sure to check all the boxes to safeguard sensitive patient information.

  • All faxes are secured by TLS encryption, user authentication, “delete upon delivery,” and more.
  • Quickly transmit medical information between providers or to patients while ensuring security.
  • Comply with data privacy standards like HIPAA, PHIPA, and PCI DSS.
  • Data residency is provided worldwide, powered by in-country data storage centers.
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Improve communications with patients and providers

Reliable cloud fax accelerates the exchange of patient records, medical requests, and more.

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Complete time-sensitive work from anywhere

Our user-friendly web interface provides secure access to data for staff working from the office or remotely.

Rest easy with secure, compliant fax
Ensure audit-ready communications

Automatically store every fax sent in our secure servers to create a fully compliant audit trail.


As of 2023, 75% of all healthcare communications are made via fax.


62% of surveyed healthcare providers said that security was the major reason for a migration to a cloud-based fax system.

$10.1 M

The cost of the average healthcare breach has reached an all-time high. InterFAX’s HIPAA compliance and security features means your practice won’t become a statistic.

Ready to unburden staff and get patients the services they need?

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