InterFAX at HLTH 2023: How Cloud Fax is Elevating Healthcare Workflows

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Upland InterFAX is attending HLTH 2023 on October 8-11 in Las Vegas, and during the event we’ll be meeting with healthcare professionals to share how cloud fax is helping to modernize processes for hospitals and medical providers of all sizes.  

For healthcare professionals, cloud fax is the most trusted mode of communication to keep patient services moving. And as our digital era continues to accelerate, healthcare organizations are seeking out automated technologies to enable a more efficient, nimble, and empowered workforce. At the same time, healthcare workers feel growing pressure to balance mounting daily tasks while providing more personalized, superior patient services.  

That means healthcare technology must support these workers to alleviate the burden of everyday processes with automation that frees up time and creates streamlined patient experience. When data security, compliance, and reliability are critical, cloud fax checks all the boxes. Let’s take a look at why it works so well for this industry. 

Cloud Fax Empowers Healthcare Workers 

Accelerating Communications 

Reliable, HIPAA-compliant cloud fax with a user-friendly interface can dramatically speed up the exchange of patient records, medical requests, and more to ensure that any size hospital or clinic can handle a high volume of patient needs and intake new patients more efficiently.  

Cloud fax also helps empower patients as they manage their care by providing a reliable way to quickly and easily share medical records and documentation with your practice. See how TXMultilisting connects patients with urgently-needed kidney donations. 

Ensuring Security and Compliance 

When it comes to providing superior patient care, it’s not just about health and wellness. You must ensure that PHI and other sensitive personal information is secure to avoid the risk of hefty fines, loss of your practice’s reputation, and the safety of your patients’ data.  

In 2020, data security breaches cost healthcare organizations more than $6 trillion in the US alone. We know data security is critical. InterFAX employs TLS encryption, user authentication, “delete upon delivery,” and more to ensure compliance with HIPAA, PHIPA, PCI DSS, GDPR, SOX, and ISO 27001 regulations and standards. 

Adding InterFAX to your organization’s tech stack also ensures audit-readiness, since the system automatically stores every fax sent in our secure servers to create a fully compliant audit trail. Permissioned users can also create reports on fax usage by patient, sender, recipient, or customized fields to ensure compliance. 

Integrating with EMRs and EHRs 

Fax is the primary technology used for 75% of medical communications. This means that to boost productivity, finding a fax service that can seamlessly integrate with the EMR and EHR systems that your staff uses daily will be a dramatic advantage. 

InterFAX integrates with systems such as Epic and OncoEMR to maintain patient volume management and patient documentation while ensuring that communications and information exchange are faster than ever. Users can send, receive, and track fax status right from their EMR’s interface and automatically deliver information to specific network folders or the right patient record. That means no more manual work, just quick and easy results. 

Streamlining Digital Workflows 

There is no one-size-fits-all cloud fax solution. You need something flexible that can grow alongside your practice. That’s why InterFAX’s flexible Developer API lets users customize InterFAX to fit their specific business needs. Utilizing REST, SOAP, and more, our API means you don’t have to deal with installations, hardware, fax boards, servers, or headaches. Build it, scale it, and get faxes wherever you need them to go—whether it’s another software system, workflows, recipients, or applications. It’s that simple. 

Wrap Up 

InterFAX has cloud fax technology to help your healthcare practice unburden your staff, keep communications moving securely, and promote faster results for patients in need of care. Let’s tackle the challenges together to elevate your processes and get more done. Contact InterFAX today to learn more about the possibilities. 

Upland InterFAX is attending HLTH 2023 on October 8-11 in Las Vegas, and during the event we’ll be meeting with healthcare professionals to share how cloud fax is helping to modernize processes for hospitals and medical providers of all sizes. If you’re planning to attend, find us in Booth 1540!

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