For retailers, the best defense against new and existing threats is a loyal customer base. Your app is the best way to cultivate that loyalty. What other channel gives you a direct connection to your customers anytime, anywhere?

Even better, with effective app marketing, you can translate that loyal user base into more revenue for the business. That’s why retailers using Upland Localytics have found that on average, their app customers are 5x more valuable than customers who don’t use the app.

Send More Effective Messages

Personalization is about more than inserting a customer’s name into a notification. Upland Localytics lets you unlock the true potential of personalization. For example, you can target users based on a specific item they’ve viewed, how many times they’ve viewed it, the brand, price, and more. You can also create abandoned cart campaigns and even promote products that a user is predicted to like. These capabilities allow you to send messages to your customers that are far more effective at generating sales.

Drive In-Store Visits

Location-based messaging is quickly becoming a must-have component of a strong mobile retail marketing strategy. With Upland Localytics, you can engage users as they pass your stores, even if they don’t have your app open. Drive store visits by sending a campaign highlighting merchandise that just arrived, remind a customer that she has unspent store credit, message users who have been to one of your stores in the past, and much more.

Increase Conversion Rates

Do you know where customers are falling off on their way to making a purchase? The Funnels report in Upland Localytics lets you build step-by-step funnels that show how many users progress from discovery to consideration to purchase. With Funnels, you can pinpoint where users are dropping off and plug the leaks with targeted messaging campaigns or adjustments to your app’s UX/UI.

Create a Seamless Omni-Channel Experience

Your customers don’t think about whether they’re shopping in-store, online, or through a mobile app. To them, it’s all the same and they expect a seamless mobile retail experience across every channel. Luckily, Upland Localytics has a variety of integrations and APIs, so you can exchange data with any other system, letting you deliver a consistent experience to your customers on every channel.

Retain More New Users with Onboarding Messages

Acquiring new users is expensive. The last thing you want to do is have a customer download your app, open it once, and never open it again. The key is to welcome new users with a series of in-app messages that help them understand how to use your app and get them started on the right foot.

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