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Join an elite network of organizations all centered around improving their clients’ mobile engagement experience. Whether you’re in the beginning stages of building an app, working to better acquire new users or grow your current customer base, our partnerships will help you elevate your mobile game.

“We suggest Localytics to our clients often. It lets us integrate mobile engagement strategies early in the product lifecycle to focus on long-term success.”

Dipak Prasad, Product Owner,
Clearbridge Mobile Inc. 

“The Localytics platform gives our clients a granular and detailed understanding of their customers, therefore enabling them to deliver personalised, contextually relevant experiences.”

Naomi Hands, Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager, Somo Global

“Localytics is an outstanding partner to collaborate with on joint sales and co-marketing opportunities. We refer business both ways to maximize the value our customers get from both platforms.”

Nate Leung, Partnership at Optimizely


adjust provides app businesses with comprehensive business intelligence through streamlined dashboards, displaying actionable metrics like per campaign ROI. Complying with EU Privacy standards, adjust is trusted by brands like Deutsche Telekom and Viacom, and advertising agencies including Vivaki, Publicis, and GroupM.

Berlin, Germany

AppsFlyer is a mobile app measurement platform that allows app developers, brands, and agencies to measure and optimize their entire mobile customer acquisition funnel from one real-time dashboard.

San Francisco, CA

Kochava offers a holistic and unbiased approach to mobile attribution analytics and optimization with real-time visualization of campaign data from impressions — served through conversion and lifetime value (LTV). With over 2000 publisher and network integrations including Facebook, Twitter, and Google as well as industry-leading tools like Traffic Verifier, it’s no wonder the best brands trust Kochava.

Sandpoint, ID

The TUNE® Marketing Console unifies measurement across user acquisition, discovery, retention, and engagement. As the most adopted measurement and attribution provider for the top 100 grossing apps across iOS and Android, TUNE is trusted by brands like Expedia, Sephora, Starbucks, and Amazon to easily find actionable insights and streamline their workflow, helping them focus on driving results.

Seattle, WA

Commerce & Monetization


Pollfish is a mobile monetization network delivering surveys instead of ads through mobile apps. Monetizing with surveys is a new interactive way for mobile app publishers to make money. Integration of Pollfish surveys SDK in an app takes less than 2 minutes and pays up to 20x more than classic ad networks, while users participating to surveys win gifts provided by the platform. Pollfish runs at the moment on more than 180,000,000 mobile devices all over the world.

Pollfish I.K.E.
Athens, Greece

SEMBA is a B2B mobile commerce platform for iOS and Android. It is hosted in the Amazon cloud and comes with hundreds of features for mobile commerce. If you are a product company and require your own high-performance, native app for iOS and Android, but want to avoid the cost and complexity of developing and maintaining your app yourself, SEMBA is the solution for you.

Semba Mobile
Plano, TX

Supersonic is the mobile monetization and marketing platform trusted by the world’s top app developers. Leading the industry with video meditation, video SDKs, and user acquisition technology, Supersonic drives effective user acquisition for its developer partners. Founded in 2009, the company has offices in San Francisco, Tel Aviv, New York, London, Beijing, and Bangalore.

San Francisco, CA



Movable Ink creates unique, relevant, and compelling visual experiences across email, web, and display at the moment of engagement. With the power of Movable Ink, brands can free their data from silos to generate intelligent creative with millions of unique variations based on consumer context and behavior, third-party insights, and business logic. This intelligent creative is automatically generated in real time, removing the production bottleneck that has historically prevented marketers from generating personalized images at scale.

Movable Ink

SundaySky is transforming the relationship between brand and customer through personalized video. Our platform, built on proprietary SmartVideo technology, combines the power of video with personalized storytelling at scale to foster long-term customer relationships. The SmartVideo Platform lets marketers communicate to an audience of one and easily create, manage, and optimize real-time personalized video programs throughout the customer lifecycle. Industry-leading brands partner with SundaySky to engage prospective and current customers, resulting in higher revenue, lower costs, and deeper loyalty.


Data/System Integration & Infrastructure


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery, and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow.

Learn more about Localytics and AWS integration »

Fiksu is a data-fueled mobile marketing technology company that connects brands, agencies, and app advertisers to precise audiences throughout the customer journey. Fiksu’s mobile audience platform combines a massive dataset with powerful segmentation tools for awareness, user acquisition, and re-engagement campaigns.


Pinsight Media+ is a mobile media company, powered by Sprint. The company works directly with brands, advertisers, and app developers to deliver unique mobile advertising, mobile commerce, analytics, and other premium services leveraging its 50+ million customers and beyond.

Pinsight Media
Kansas City, MO

Digital Marketing Agencies & Resellers


Aarki is transforming mobile app marketing by unifying creative optimization and programmatic media. It delivers superior results using proprietary machine learning technology for performance optimization. The company’s customer base includes leading brands, agencies, and app developers. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Aarki is a global company with offices in Beijing, Manila, New York City, Tokyo, and Yerevan.

Mountain View, CA

Kapitec Software is a value added reseller. We resell software products in the following areas: load testing, functional testing, web analytics, and web development.

Kapitec Software
Narbonne, France

Keystone Solutions is a digital agency focused on the fundamental credibility of enterprise data. We focus on the data integrity, implementation, QA, tag management, and other core elements of a successful measurement strategy. At Keystone we believe strategy is a process, not an event. It is the balance of human capital, technology, and process. It requires keeping an eye on the bigger picture and aligning the right vendors, tools, and solutions to grow with you. It is the art and science of proactive transformation and innovation versus a reaction to change.

Keystone Solutions
Alpharetta, GA

Mobiquity is a mobile engagement provider. We expertly blend the three key disciplines that are at the core of mobile computing: strategy, user-centered design, and technology. Since inception in 2011, we have worked with more than 200 companies, including CVS, Fidelity, The Boston Globe, The Weather Channel, and Panera.

Waltham, MA

Rightpoint is an independent customer experience agency with technology at its core. We create impactful digital experiences driven by insight, strategy, design, and technology to help clients succeed at the speed of innovation. Rightpoint serves more than 250 Fortune 1,000 companies and has been named one of Crain’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Chicago for four consecutive years. Rightpoint is the largest independent agency with 450 employees across 10 offices.


Social Fulcrum is a performance-based digital marketing company. We use a structured agile approach to help venture-backed startups and highly visible brands accelerate new customer acquisition and grow rapidly. Through our proprietary software, high-quality data and deep experience, online acquisition managers are reducing advertising costs by 60-80% while driving volume.

Social Fulcrum
Boston, MA

Marketing Platforms


Adobe is the global leader in digital media and digital marketing solutions. Our creative, marketing, and document solutions empower everyone — from emerging artists to global brands — to bring digital creations to life and deliver immersive, compelling experiences to the right person at the right moment for the best results. In short, Adobe is everywhere, and we’re changing the world through digital experiences.


Mobile optimize for native iOS and Android through A/B testing, Instant Updates, and Feature Flags.

Menlo Park, CA

Branding Brand helps companies build digital experiences that create connections. Our technology powers apps, sites, and digital signage for the world’s biggest brands in retail, hospitality, and B2B. Our services help with strategy, design, and development.

Branding Brand

Cheetah Digital is an enterprise cross-channel marketing software company that helps marketers manage their data for better decision-making, send messages to customers to increase revenue, and that provides professional services expertise to execute complex marketing plans at scale. Cheetah Digital is truly dedicated to marketers. Everything we do is focused on the desired outcomes of our clients and their growth as leaders in their organizations. We have over 650 industry experts committed to helping clients with the strategy, execution, and performance of their marketing plans.

Cheetah Digital

We build mobile-first customer engagement platforms that transform the economics of influencing global consumers. We help our customers engage consumers in a far more intimate way through mobile advertising. We offer a suite of solutions based on the core principles of simplicity and scale to help engage, retain, and grow your consumer base. Our focus on understanding consumer behavior and leveraging big-data to predict their actions enables us to offer these unique solutions.


Jampp is a leading mobile app marketing platform. Our technology helps companies grow on mobile by driving and engaging users to their apps.


Liftoff is a mobile app marketing and retargeting platform.

Menlo Park, CA

Marketo provides the leading engagement marketing software and solutions designed to help marketers develop long-term relationships with customers – from acquisition to advocacy. Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, Marketo serves as a strategic partner to large enterprise and fast-growing small companies around the world and across a wide variety of industries.


We are a mobile advertising Platform with solutions for developers to insert rich media, native ad content to monetize their app creations. Our advertising partners have direct access to video, display, and offer wall solutions.


Leading the cloud. From intelligent business applications to infrastructure, we deliver tomorrow’s emerging technologies today, like the world’s first — and only — autonomous database.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you understand consumers, personalize their experience, and engage them across channels with powerful digital marketing software.


Mobile Advertising


Impact Radius enables digital brands and agencies to maximize the return of ad spend across digital, mobile, and offline channels. Our SaaS marketing technology enables marketers to have a singular trusted analytics view into all marketing efforts by collecting granular consumer journey data and marketing costs.

Impact Radius
Santa Barbara, CA

Millennial Media is an independent mobile advertising platform company whose technology, tools, and services help app developers and mobile website publishers maximize their advertising revenue, acquire users for their apps, and gain insight about their users. Millennial Media works with advertisers to deliver ad experiences to consumers on their mobile-connected devices.

Millennial Media
Baltimore, MD

Rocket Fuel delivers a leading programmatic media-buying platform at big data scale that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to improve marketing ROI in digital media across web, mobile, video, and social channels. Rocket Fuel powers digital advertising and marketing programs globally for customers in North America, Latin America, Europe, and APAC.

Rocket Fuel
Redwood City, CA

Mobile & Web Application Development


Cainkade is a full-service design and development studio with a mission to make products that matter. We work with companies large and small to bring experiences to life that delight, inform, and improve people’s lives each day.

New York, NY

Clearbridge Mobile is a world-class team of mobile experts that have created award-winning solutions in the media, television, retail, healthcare, and banking industries. Whether building native, hybrid, or cross-platform solutions, we manage the entire project lifecycle, from concept to delivery. Clearbridge has emerged as one of the fastest growing mobile app companies by working with startups and Fortune 500 companies like Disney, Dow Jones, The New York Times, ABC, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and others.

Ontario, Canada

Mag+ digital publishing software covers every part of the app publishing process: Design your content using simple tools, build you own branded mobile app on our web portal, and distribute your designed content to that app for end users to experience on their mobile devices.

New York, NY

NorthBay Solutions is a full-service mobile and big data software development agency. NorthBay provides architecture, design, development, and QA services to enterprises that are in need of mobile applications, big data analytics, and business intelligence solutions.

Cambridge, MA

NorthOut is a full stack software company specializing in mobile and web application development. We apply latest technologies, creative thinking, and world-class engineering process to create and build digital solutions for our clients. Our partnership with Localytics enable us in providing Real-time analytics and help improve digital experiences for our customers.

Boston, MA

Phunware offers iOS and Android application development platforms, category-defining mobile experiences and advertising solutions for leading brands and publishers.

Austin, TX

We are product pros with vast experience designing and shipping apps that are used by millions of people worldwide. We started Rocket Insights to bring that expertise to the agency world.

Rocket Insights
Newburyport, MA

Somo is an innovation agency that delivers solutions for the connected world. We create, buy, and optimise global marketing strategies for clients to reach and engage customers on mobile-specific media, amplified through both traditional and digital channels. Our creative, award-winning campaigns ultimately exceed goals and expectations. Our work wins industry awards, such as Brand Republic, MOMAs, Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, Webbys, and many others.

London, UK

TribalScale is a global innovation partner that helps enterprises adapt and thrive in the digital era. Our industry-agnostic product managers, designers, engineers, quality assurance engineers, and subject matter experts create digital solutions across web, mobile, and emerging technologies. We help organizations leverage technology so they can deliver an unparalleled and tailored user experience. We partner with large enterprises and teach them the practices and approaches needed to release digital products to market that satisfy their consumers.




adjust provides app businesses with comprehensive business intelligence through streamlined dashboards, displaying actionable metrics like per campaign ROI. Complying with EU Privacy standards, adjust is trusted by brands like Deutsche Telekom and Viacom, and advertising agencies including Vivaki, Publicis, and GroupM.

Berlin, Germany

BounceX’s People-Based Marketing (PBM) cloud is the first new revenue channel with scale in 10 years. We currently power thousands of digital properties, expanding across a multitude of industries. For the first time, brands and publishers have a meaningful paid channel outside of Google and Facebook.


Branch ( is a deeplinking and tracking technology that helps mobile developers attribute app installs, optimize and create invite systems, and do smarter in-app sharing through our unique device fingerprinting and deeplinking technology. We generate short URLs on the fly that pass and track data from the originating source through install (contextual deeplinking), across devices, and across platform. We use this technology to provide brands a deeper insight into app installs, more personal customer onboarding, and deeplinking through the install process.

Branch Metrics
Palo Alto, CA

Optimizely is the world’s leading experience optimization platform, providing A/B testing, targeting, and multichannel optimization for websites and mobile apps. The platform’s ease of use and speed of deployment empowers organizations to conceive of and run experiments that help them make better data-inspired decisions. Optimizely meets the diverse needs of more than 8,000 customers looking to deliver connected experiences to their audiences across channels. To date, those customers have created and delivered more than 20 billion optimized visitor experiences.

San Francisco, CA

Social Fulcrum is a performance-based digital marketing company. We use a structured agile approach to help venture-backed startups and highly visible brands accelerate new customer acquisition and grow rapidly. Through our proprietary software, high-quality data and deep experience, online acquisition managers are reducing advertising costs by 60-80% while driving volume.

Social Fulcrum
Boston, MA

Yozio is a platform for organic mobile growth. Yozio’s advanced tracking, optimization, and personalization tools increase downloads, engagement, and conversions for organic, non-paid channels (such as email, mobile web, SMS, and social).

Oakland, CA

Social Media Platform


Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them. Facebook, Inc. is engaged in building products to create utility for users, developers, and advertisers.

Menlo Park, CA

Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) is a global platform for public self-expression and conversation in real time. By developing a fundamentally new way for people to consume, create, distribute, and discover content, Twitter enables any voice to echo around the world instantly and unfiltered. The service can be accessed at, on a variety of mobile devices, and via SMS. Available in more than 33 languages, Twitter has more than 302 million monthly active users.

San Francisco, CA

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