Say hello to the ultimate campaign optimization tool.

True Impact™ is a unique reporting tool that allows you to see exactly how users respond to your Upland Localytics marketing campaigns – everything from the revenue generated to the uninstall rate. With True Impact, you can move beyond vanity metrics and optimize your campaigns based on detailed metrics that drive business results.

Drive Better Results


See which campaigns are improving ROI

True Impact intelligently highlights relevant metrics based on your campaign’s objectives by measuring the campaign performance against a control group to automatically view lift in engagement, conversion, and revenue over time.

Imagine a Telco sending a push notification with a free trial for a streaming service to users who just upgraded their mobile plan and being able to easily track the conversions to the paid subscription.

Understand what users do after they receive your message

See how your campaign is influencing your users’ behavior. Measure the impact of every event that you are tracking with detailed metrics around engagement, conversion, retention, revenue, or even adverse reactions, like disabling push or deleting your app.

It’s a great way for retailers to promote the launch of a new collection of shoes with push campaigns and track not only sales but also other items users are browsing or adding to a cart.

Prove that your marketing efforts are delivering results

Don’t rely on conversion rates to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns. You could be sending messages that are causing long-term damage to your app and your mobile marketing strategy. See the complete picture of how your messages are driving changes in user behavior — for better and for worse.

Media and entertainment companies can easily see whether users who read three articles a week or have four sessions in the month are more likely to subscribe if you send them an offer than first-time users.

Demystify Your Campaigns

Dive deeper with detailed reporting

Get deep insights with our 24 metrics that allow you to set campaign goals, create control groups, conversion events, see the opt-out rate, trends, and real-life campaign results.

Optimize your campaigns

Improve your strategies by using control groups and A/B testing your campaigns. Determine the winning messages by incorporating metrics beyond just clicks and conversions by also looking at retention, revenue, opt-out, and uninstall rates.

Align your goals with your analytics

True Impact arms you with the data necessary to make better campaign optimization decisions that align with your long-term business goals, whether it’s to raise brand awareness, acquire new users, drive conversions, or all of these.

True Impact Features

Customize your own or use our 10 out-of-the-box reports showing you details with 24 different metrics
See how much revenue is generated per user and by campaign
Discover the average number of times a user performed an activity or a conversion event per user
Adjust the size of your control group to understand the impact your campaigns have on engagement, revenue, conversions and more
A/B test up to 10 versions of every message and experiment with content, imagery, CTAs, and more

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