Don’t just send messages, create experiences.

Creative, rich visuals and dynamic content make your digital messages more attention-grabbing and engaging. It takes a boring notification and makes it an entertaining brand interaction that catches your customers’ attention and draws them into your app or website.

Upgrade your user experience through the use of dynamic content, images, GIFs, videos, animations, surveys, and even personalized visuals.

Ways You Can Get Creative with Content


Add energy and personality with Lottie animations

Create interactive onboarding campaigns and feature tutorials within your app, or bring movement and action to your visuals without the file size or production effort of a video.

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Serve up personalized creatives to each customer

Incorporate personalized visuals that cater to each individual’s preferences and behaviors, like artists and venues for concerts, products and services for a sale, and TV shows and album releases.

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Share content previews using video & audio

Include a preview of your programming or a newly released song, or add interest to your messages with video or sound effects.

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Easily gather feedback with survey

Collect feedback on an app redesign, learn more about your customer’s thoughts about a product or service, or simply gather new details about your customers so you can provide more meaningful experiences.

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Making Rich Media Easy & Accessible

Made for Marketers

Our user-minded creative builders mean marketers can create messages full of visuals and interactive features without depending on dev teams. Save time and hassle, and get your messages out quickly while building a stunning brand experience.

Powerful In-App Builder

Upland Localytics’ In-App Builder lets you experiment with and build the message design, layout, and copy to use within your in-app campaigns. When you’re done, simply upload the file to the Upland Localytics dashboard to use within in-app campaigns.

Rich Content in All Your Engagement Channels

Add rich and dynamic content to any message across any channel, enabling you to incorporate creativity and personalization anywhere you choose to interact with your customers.

More Features to Create Rich, Dynamic Experiences

Liquid Content Personalize your messages with user attributes like name, favorites, recent purchase, and more
Custom Message Sound Change up the sound associated with your push messages for special notifications
Deep Linking Spur action by directing users to a specific page or your app or website

Ready to learn more?

We’re just scratching the surface of what Upland Localytics can do for you. To see more, schedule a demo with one of our knowledgeable associates.