Push Notifications

Send messages that matter across app and web. Share excitement, tell stories, and connect with each user in a unique way every time.

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In-App Messaging

Irrelevant pop-up messages within an app can be annoying. Contextual messaging based on your customer’s activity and preferences is always welcome and will turn your communications into impactful conversion channels.

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App Inbox

Important content can too easily be dismissed through a push or can be lost in a mess of emails. Use app inbox to reach customers with lasting, impactful messages based on their interests and actions, ensuring your vital communications stick.

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Drive re-engagement and conversions by getting in front of your customers outside the context of your app. Improve the relevancy of the ads you serve to customers, bringing them back to your brand.

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Integrations & APIs

Provide your customers with unified brand experiences thanks to powerful partnerships and APIs that bring Localytics and other technologies together with seamless integrations.

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