Effectively engage users across mobile and web.

Push notifications are the bread and butter of many digital marketing strategies – and with good reason – they are incredibly effective when used correctly. But it’s also easy to misuse them and annoy your customers with irrelevant messages.

Our extensive audience segmentation, combined with powerful intelligence features and detailed campaign reporting, gives you the confidence to know you’re doing it the right way and delivering highly personalized and impactful messages to your app and web users.

Here Are Some Ways You Can Use Push Notifications

Showcase content

Showcase digital content based on customer preferences and interests.

Whether you’re a news site, streaming service, media company, or TV station, push notifications are a great way to deliver curated content like videos, music, and articles.

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Drive revenue

Drive revenue from your app or website through targeted offers, product launches, and abandoned cart campaigns. Notify your customers of new sales or last-chance offers on products they have browsed or purchased in the past, share discounts for new app users to reel them in, or remind customers of items in their cart and encourage checkout.

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Update users

Keep users updated with important and timely information, like data usage for the month, recent changes to an account, order and delivery status, or even breaking news and alerts.

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Improve retention

Improve retention by re-engaging users who haven’t opened your app or visited your website in a while.

Send a push message to your users that are at risk of churning and bring them back with offers, like a great new travel deal, new music or TV show that aligns with their genre and artist preferences, or a limited-time offer on a product or service.

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Omni-Channel Experience

You can also send push notifications to your web users with web push, providing an additional channel to grow your reach and personalize your customer experience in new ways.

Rich Push Notifications

Include images, GIFs, videos, or audio files directly in your push notifications for more compelling messages that deliver results.




Campaign Reporting

With True Impact™, our detailed campaign reporting, see exactly how your push notifications drive changes in user behavior. You can even see unintended side effects, like if a campaign is causing high opt outs or uninstalls.

Push Notification Features

Boost your app and web push campaigns with features that help you work smarter and faster.

A/B/n Testing Test up to 10 versions of a campaign, and take advantage of variable control groups to find the message that resonates best with your users
Personalized Content Dynamically personalize your push notifications with details like customer first name, their favorite category, and even personalized creatives
Push API Our Push API enables other systems to automatically send push messages through Localytics, such as transactional notifications

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