Movable Ink & Upland Localytics Bring You Intelligently Personalized Creatives for Mobile

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We’ve officially kicked off our partnership with Movable Ink to bring intelligently personalized creatives to your Upland Localytics mobile engagement campaigns. You may have heard a bit about our partnership back in October, where we began an exclusive pre-release phase for our mutual clients, and now our integration is officially available for everyone 

Wait, What are Intelligently Personalized Creatives? 

You may be thinking, what in the world are intelligently personalized creatives? You’re probably familiar with dynamic content, for example including text in an email or push notification that updates to show each customer personalized copy, such as their name, their favorite brand, local sports team or current account balance. Intelligently personalized creatives work along the same lines, but they take real-time personalization to the next level.  

These creatives use data from many different touchpoints to serve a personalized image that updates at the exact moment of engagementFor example, images in an in-app message can update to reflect the sneakers a customer was browsing but didn’t purchase yesterday, and the next customer’s in-app will feature sweaters they browsed last week, all in the same campaign offering 20% off their next purchase. As the marketer you only had to create one campaign for users that haven’t purchased in the last 30 days without having to segment for different browsing histories, and as the customer, you are served with an image that is unique to you, and updates right at the moment you open the message so it is as timely and relevant as possible.  

How Does It Know Which Creative to Use? 

How exactly does the software know which images to present to the customer? On the Movable Ink side, they pull in data from any data source you choose, for example your app, website, email, POS system, or even contextual data like your location or current weather. Then, Movable Ink brings all this data together to inform the choice of creative that is presented to the customer when they open a push notification, view an in-app message, or check their app inbox. You as the marketer choose the rules that dictate what data is used to present a given creative to each customer.  

How Does it Work in Upland Localytics? 

As for how it works in Upland Localytics, once you’re done setting up your creative and its rules on the Movable Ink side, you simply copy and paste the image tag into the message builder in the Upland Localytics dashboard, and just like that the personalized creative is added to your campaign.  

The intelligently personalized creatives you create in Movable Ink can be used in any Localytics mobile channel including push notifications, in-app, app inbox and even PlacesTM campaigns. The option to include Movable Ink creatives is seamlessly integrated in all of our message builders so the feature is accessible no matter how you prefer to build your campaigns, whether it’s the standard message dashboard, the In-App Builder, or the Workflow Canvas 

After you deploy the campaign and the message is opened by your customer, the image they are presented with is updated through the power of real-time data, ensuring that your customer is being served the most up-to-date, relevant content possible.  

I Got It Now, But Why Does This Help Me? 

Let’s start with the big picture. Customers want personalized experiences, they want to engage with brands that get them, and they want to feel that you truly understand their wants and needs. Being able to provide truly personalized experiences is one of the keys to helping your customers love you a little bit more with every interaction.  

Now taking it a little deeper, personalizing an experience takes into account many different parts of the interaction. At Upland Localytics we like to frame this out as the 6 W’s of Personalization Who, What, Where, When, Why and HoW Often. Here’s a quick recap: 

Why is the purpose and goal of your engagement campaign – are you trying to engage your customer, nurture a new one, retain and existing, or drive revenue? 

Who is your audience, and personalizing to an audience is done by segmentation with rich, detailed data. 

What is your message, both in the copy, the offer and in the creative. 

Where is the channel a customer chooses to engage with you on. 

When is the time that you interact with your customer. 

How Often is the frequency at which you reach out and engage with your customer. 

The 6 W’s of Personalization are not an all or nothing concept, marketers can incorporate different aspects of the 6 W’s depending on their need, skill or software features to achieve different levels of success.  

Our partnership with Movable Ink helps you increase open rates and improve customer engagement by enabling you to easily personalize the “What” of a campaign, helping you deliver highly relevant messages and visuals that resonate more strongly with your customers.  

For example, one of our customers was able to see a 227% lift in engagement and 12% lift in the click through rate by incorporating personalized creatives into their in-app presale ticket experience.  

Using Movable Ink creatives also saves you time in campaign creationInstead of having one image for an entire audience, you can now tailor the image for each individual customer within the same audience and campaign.  

And on the flip side, where you may have been creating multiple audiences and campaigns using different images, you can now create one campaign that encompasses larger audience with multiple, personalized creatives.  

What About My Specific Industry? 

Intelligent creatives are a great fit for a wide variety of industries, take a look at a few quick examples to help get your imagination going as to how you can incorporate this new tool into your customer engagement campaigns: 

  • Media companies can benefit from hyper-personalized content feeds to deliver news based on a customer’s topics of interest, recently read content, location, etc.  
  • Entertainment companies can display upcoming in-market games in a customized in-app dashboard, or create countdowns for new events or ticket sales to spur excitement and increase sales and engagement. 
  • Retailers are able to personalize the images and offers to each customer based on their individual taste, brand or produce preferences, and latest searches or purchasesPersonalized creatives can also increase the effectiveness of automated abandoned cart campaigns by updating to show the items left in the cart.  
  • Telecommuications companies can explore new ways of promoting their streaming content, or advertise products or services based on the mobile device a customer is using 
  • Financial services companies can promote new products like credit cards or loans based on recent research taken in the app or website, or display branch locations based on customer location to encourage a visit 

You’ve Caught My Interest – What Do I Need to Do? 

Are you an existing Upland Localytics client? Reach out to your dedicated Digital Consultant or Customer Success Manager to get started or contact us here 

Are you an existing Movable Ink client? Reach out to your account manager at Movable Ink, or contact Movable Ink here 

New to both companies? Get in touch with us here and we’ll help you get started. 

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