Knowledge Management Integration: What is it and how does it help your business?

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Team Panviva

Knowledge management integration — it’s fairly easy to decipher what it means in broad strokes. It deals solely with how your knowledge management system is incorporated with your business software. Today though we’re going to go a bit deeper and explain to you the complexity behind such integrations as well as why they’re so important for your business. We know that a KMS is an invaluable repository of information within your business — but how exactly do you connect all that information with all your employees through pre-existing channels and systems?

The bare-bones

There’s no use in having such a comprehensive and multifaceted KMS if it’s not able to be easily accessible or updated efficiently, and that’s where integration comes in, providing a stable link between functionality and accessibility. How does Panviva achieve such complex and reliable integrations? By leveraging innovative, custom APIs and our ground-breaking Digital Orchestrator.

How APIs streamline integration

Through our three advanced APIs, your KMS can be seamlessly and comprehensively integrated into your omnichannel network allowing all the right people to access the information they need effortlessly and in the format that’s most beneficial to them. This means less time is spent by employees following a trail of information to find what they’re looking for as well as more effective customer service practices as FAQs and bots are constantly updated to give the customer what they’re looking for.

Our three APIs:

  • Content APIs guarantee that all content is uniform, kept up to date across all channels and avoids duplication.
  • Live APIs ensure that the right information is being displayed at the right time and allows for easy integration into IVRs and CRMs.
  • Artefact APIs allow you to condense information into knowledge nuggets for more concise delivery and integration with mediums such as voice assistants.

Innovating through the Digital Orchestrator and Nugget

Digital Orchestrator is our pioneering platform that allows businesses to break down large chunks of information into easily accessible nuggets that can be consumed quickly and displayed in a variety of different formats across multiple channels, including via the latest addition to our integration solutions — Nugget. Nugget is a simple and easily integrable bot built for Microsoft Teams that acts as an internal goldmine of information that draws all its knowledge from your core Panviva KMS.

Five ways knowledge management integration can help your business

  • People are generally prone to favor familiarity, and software they have been working with for years is no different. Our system allows employees to keep using the channels they love and are familiar with but with the added benefit of a KMS repository thanks to our solid integrations. This keeps costs low as there’s minimal extra training or time spent learning how to adapt to new systems. One system — multiple channels.
  • Effective integration means less strain on your CX team. If there is more relevant information that is constantly being updated available to your customers, then there are fewer support tickets being raised. Additionally, some of our users have been able to cut customer escalations by 75% due to the vast and continually updated information publicly available. Less requirement for human interaction means your team can concentrate on enriching and optimizing experiences in other ways.
  • Seamless integration into all pre-established systems allows for information to be updated once across all digital and traditional channels (thanks to our content API) — avoiding the necessity to update each one individually. This saves time and improves overall efficiency as you know every channel has the correct, up-to-date information.
  • A unified, cloud-based source of knowledge means that the information is easily accessible from anywhere by those who need it. Panviva’s scalability takes this a step further and simplifies remote working for current employees (especially the transition), and streamlines the onboarding process for new employees.
  • Employees can benefit from comprehensive and easily navigable systems to find all the information they’re looking for. This gives CX members all the information they need at their fingertips thanks to tags that make the knowledge easy to search and locate.

Are you looking for a scalable and purpose-built KMS solution?

Panviva is an organization whose sole passion and goal is to make knowledge and information easily accessible to those who need it. Our knowledge management system can be completely integrated into all existing channels and platforms giving you a single, well-curated source of information accessible in a variety of mediums.

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