Upland Panviva’s API Platform (Streamlining Knowledge Management Integration)

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The world of knowledge management has flourished over the last few decades and with rapidly expanding technology opening up new avenues for customers to request and find information, Upland Panviva evolved to meet the demand. Thus, our API platform was born, the easiest and effectual way to streamline your knowledge management integration. If you’re scratching your head wondering what an API is, though, don’t worry, because our specialists are here to supply you with all the essential information you’ll need to leverage our three APIs to bring your business’ knowledge management practices into the 21st century.

What is an API?

Standing for Application Programming Interface, an API is a set of rules that, put simply, allows two applications or pieces of software to talk to each other. By creating connections between websites, IVRs, chatbots, and internal operating systems you can deliver your knowledge anywhere or any way. In Panviva’s case, our API platform was designed to make all the information stored in your business’ knowledge management system accessible the way a user wants it, and with added context.

Say a health insurance customer service operator is assisting a customer with a claim — the operator will need the right information pertaining to that particular claim to streamline the process. An API will communicate between KMS and the operator’s software to deliver the right information either automatically or upon request. The seamless integration of Panviva’s KMS and a variety of platforms and software is possible through our three key APIs: contentlive, and artefact.

Content APIs

Our first API plays a vital role in ensuring your business’ knowledge comes from a single source of truth; content APIs take all the content that exists in your KMS and delivers it to other pieces of software or platforms you may use such as customer websites, member portals or even an intranet. Not only does this make sure the applicable information is available to everyone, but it also mitigates the chance of doubling up on content and removes the need to edit across multiple channels. The idea is that your knowledge management system is the only source of information, but not the only way to access said knowledge.

Live APIs

Live APIs can also be thought of as triggers, events that occur in another system to add context to the knowledge being delivered. Think about when a button is pressed, a form needs filling out, or even when a path is chosen on an IVR. When these triggers occur, the relevant knowledge related to that interaction is pushed to the end-user, there’s no longer a need to waste time searching for an answer.

Organizations love creating live API connections between KMS and CMS, IVRS, self-service portals, and HR systems. Say you’re entering a new client’s information into your CRM but you are unsure what some of the fields require, well Panviva’s live API can help ensure you get it right every time.

As you navigate through your process in say Salesforce, Panviva can simply follow your progress; every time you click on a new field, your Panviva application will display the information pertaining to that field — this is essentially like a guided tour and will help you fill any gaps in your knowledge.

Artefact APIs

The way we digest information is changing rapidly and Upland Panviva knows this, which is why we designed artefact APIs, the most efficient way to transform traditional documents into dynamic nuggets of information suitable not just for a variety of applications and channels, but also for different audiences. Let’s break that down:

Utilizing artefact APIs across different channels

If a customer is engaging a chatbot on your website, the live API is not going to push paragraphs of text to them — this would be inefficient and require the user to sift through the content. What our artefact API does is condense said information, so it is appropriate to send over chat or be recited by a smart assistant. This ensures a happy and efficient customer experience where the right information is succinctly presented to them.

Know your audience

A knowledge management system will contain unfiltered knowledge about any given topic but depending on hierarchy within a company or even from a customer standpoint, not all of the information about a particular topic should be known by everyone, and that’s how our Digital Orchestrator can help in curating specific bites of information for those at different levels — so staff and customers are only given what they need to know. Our artefact APIs can ensure the right nuggets of information go to the right people.

Integrate your knowledge management for a single source of truth today

Upland Panviva’s knowledge management system is the best way to establish a single source of truth across your business that can be leveraged by staff and customers alike. Our API platform is key to taking the next step and establishing effective and seamless knowledge management integration.

Contact us today and one of our knowledge management specialists will take you through how you can expand your business’ CX practices with Upland Panviva’s API platform.

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