Case Study

Carle Health reduces scheduling complexity to provide higher-quality patient care.

Carle Health created better processes to improved doctor and call center agent morale.


Contact center-provider connection.

Carle Health needed to drive operational efficiencies using a centralized call center for 260+ primary care providers, different office locations, and various patient care routines. By building scheduling rules in Panviva, Carle has been able to reduce scheduling complexity, maintain up-to-date schedules, and equip reps with detailed decision trees to confidently take symptom-based calls.

“Panviva gives us the dynamic ability to meet the needs of our large physician network with speed, accuracy and flexibility.” – Angela Beitelman, Patient Contact Center


Building new, better processes.

To master the complexity, Carle’s old processes were torn down and built back up using workflow rules and decision trees, enabling Panviva to be up and running within four months. Better processes and the ability to handle complex symptom-based calls have encouraged Carle to extend Panviva across their multi-location enterprise.


Better systems that help reps save lives.

The use of Panviva drove several outcomes for Carle Health, including:

  • 50% reduction in time required to update changes
  • Improved morale among doctors and call center agents
  • Higher quality patient care with decision trees that help reps handle symptom-based calls

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