Case Study

MAXIMUS drives customer success with Upland Panviva

With Panviva, a single source of truth leads to faster employee onboarding and time-to-competency.


Outdated knowledge management.

The in-house knowledge management system at MAXIMUS could not effectively keep up with the large volume of change requests from employees. With Panviva, the customer service staff can handle changes to content on their own without IT support. Now, content is up to date and comes from a single source of truth for all employees.

“Once people learn how to create content and they see the way information is accessed, they’re running with it. They want to do more.” – Sheik Mohamed, Senior Manager, MAXIMUS IT


Collaboration and streamlined content.

Along with allowing employee content collaboration, MAXIMUS restructured content to provide customer service agents with direct access to specific details in the moment they need it. Panviva helped streamline processes to empower content creation and access.


Freedom to create faster.

The use of Panviva drove several outcomes for MAXIMUS, including:

  • Faster employee onboarding and time-to-competency
  • Increased employee productivity and freedom
  • Universally better customer experience

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