Case Study

Rocky Mountain Health Plans wins talent with Upland Panviva

Process-driven content environment for contact center agents leads to 70% improvement in retention.


Training and misinformation.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans faced the challenge of adequately training staff and onboarding them to proficiency, leading to high turnover and misinformation for customers. With Panviva, Rocky Mountain created a process-driven environment providing the right information to agents in their moment of need.

“Our reps are very engaged. Panviva is so easy for them to use. The more that we get them involved with Panviva, the more they love it.” – Nicole Johnson, Customer Service Process Analyst


Build processes to eliminate errors.

Rocky Mountain consolidated content for agents to use within Panviva, leading to situational training rather than memorizing information. Panviva empowers agents to readily help customers faster than before with reliable, on-demand information at their fingertips.


Better trained employees with better customer outcomes.

The use of Panviva drove several outcomes for Rocky Mountain, including:

  • 70% improvement in call center agent retention
  • Faster training for new agents
  • Increased productivity for employees using Panviva

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