Increase the adoption of your knowledge management system

When your team has confidence in your knowledgebase, they are more likely to use it. Learn how to ensure the long-term usage of your knowledgebase and increase the adoption of your knowledge management program by implementing a content review process. Learn more in the Content Review Best Practices Guide. Download the eBook now!

You’ve worked hard to set up your knowledge management program and you want to ensure its continued usage by your contact center agents and other employees.

If the knowledge goes stale, it won’t provide the answers people are looking for and usage of your knowledgebase may decrease. To increase adoption of your knowledge management program, it’s important that the knowledgebase remain up-to-date and relevant.

A periodic review of your knowledgebase is a good way to confirm that all your knowledge is fresh and relevant. It’s also important to conduct a knowledge audit to make sure your knowledge conforms to your company style and is easy to use.

Get this easy-to-follow guide to learn how to:

  • Define the roles you need in your knowledge review process
  • Perform a knowledge audit
  • Define a knowledge review process
  • Implement a knowledge review schedule
  • Follow knowledge review best practices


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