Success Story

Community Health Plan of Washington builds a better knowledge database with Upland Panviva

With Panviva, the Community Health team works faster and more accurately.

How do you prove your need for a system that meets your team’s challenges?

Operations executives were focused on other priorities.

Even as it became increasingly clear to Debbie McPherson, Director of Customer Service, and John Ferrell, Customer Service Supervisor, that Panviva was the right choice to replace the outdated, cumbersome database for their large (and growing) customer service department, their request received a lukewarm reception.

Community Health was already invested in an existing system and had budget constraints. For the next five years, the 65-person team willingly tried out a number of solutions, including SharePoint and an in-house knowledge base, but nothing compared with Panviva.

If at first, you don’t succeed…

The old adage isn’t one normally associated with the purchase of software, but the Community Health team refused to take no for an answer. They presented several business cases directly to management outlining the Panviva’s benefits.

“Once we saw what Panviva could do, we knew it was the product we needed,” says McPherson. “We kept at it for five years. That’s how critical it was for us (to get Panviva installed).”

The Community Health team works faster and more accurately.

Community Health didn’t give up, and neither did Panviva.

During the five years that the Community Health team struggled to purchase Panviva, McPherson especially appreciated Panviva’s willingness to stick with them over the long haul. The team at Panviva managed to provide an instance of the system that would meet their needs within their strict budget parameters.

“All in all Panviva knew that we really believed in the product and they worked with us to make it happen,” McPherson said.

Community Health saw immediate benefits after Panviva’s launch.

With Panviva, Community Health’s knowledge database was centralized, easy to use, and included the sophisticated search function the staff had been asking for.

“The message is consistent. We now have the same information, in the same place at the same time. With Panviva our department is streamlined and more organized. We are working faster because we are getting accurate information quickly now,” McPherson explained.

“The staff attitudes have changed. Morale is better. Everyone is happy,” added Ferrell.

Community Health continues to expand the system with new content. They have assigned two subject matter experts to work with Panviva as content authors who can share tips and provide a constant flow of new information.

“It’s been a good experience so far. Everything is going great,” McPherson said.


Streamlined information access and consistency

Improved communication across the department

Centralized database with organization, categorization, and contextual search

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