Success Story

Quartz Health finds a better way with Upland Panviva

With Upland Panviva, Quartz employees are more productive and make fewer mistakes.

How can your systems keep up with the pace of change?

Old knowledge systems constrained growth and productivity.

As changes continued to ripple through the health care industry, Quartz realized that their current knowledge base could not keep up. It was difficult to search, which made finding information difficult. It was proving impossible to keep call center employees informed and able to provide fast responses to clients’ questions.

“The biggest issue we faced was accuracy of information,” says customer success manager Lori Greubel. “We also had to address [staff] retention issues.”

A better information structure points users to the right information, faster.

Panviva’s context-based system, with its combination of deep search capabilities and logical information structure, allowed the Quartz team to drill down to exactly the right information and immediately address customer questions.

“When lives are at risk, that is pretty serious business. Panviva drills down to give us exactly the information we need.” – Lori Greubel, Manager, Customer Service Quartz Health

Quartz employees are more productive and make fewer mistakes.

Panviva was different from the rest.

As the team evaluated the different knowledge systems, they discovered that all the systems provided information, but only Panviva was able to quickly and easily pinpoint the exact information needed to address questions asked in the moment of need.

“Most of the knowledge systems we looked at were data repositories. You had to know what you were looking for to find the information. Basically, they were repositories in a pretty package.”

Panviva was different.

A significant increase in operational efficiency.

Since implementing Panviva, Gruebel has seen substantial improvements in employee productivity, lower training costs, and better customer service. Panviva has also helped the organization to stay compliant with the ever-changing and growing health care regulations.

“We absolutely love Panviva. Our new people tell us they cannot believe what fabulous tools we have. They are confident in their jobs out of the gate because the information is so easy to find,” says Greubel.


Increased employee productivity

Faster onboarding of new call center staff

Reduced risk of non-compliance errors

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