Table of Services


This document contains the list and descriptions of the Panviva Services. Panviva provides all Services on the terms of the services Agreement.

For this document, Platform means the cloud-based knowledge management and support solution designed and operated by Panviva which is accessed over the public Internet. The Platform is used by Panviva’s customers (“Subscribers”) for a range purposes including ready access and delivery of policies, procedures, processes and organizational resources to end users (both internal and external to the Subscriber) both directly and through API’s.

Service Name Description
Panviva Subscription A license for a named user (“User”) to access the Platform from a supported web browser or to install the Panviva Desktop Client on a device and use it to access the Platform.

Subject to Subscriber set authorisation levels, a User can access the Platform’s web-based interface to:

  1. create, maintain and publish information in the Platform;
  2. managing end Users and their roles, content review; approval workflows; and
  3. a wide range of reporting, analytics and system administrative tasks.
Panviva Subscription A licence to use the Panviva application programming interfaces (“APIs”) as well as the related API documentation which Panviva makes available through its developer site.

Panviva’s APIs can be used for a broad range of purposes including facilitating real-time interaction between information residing in the Platform and other applications or systems used by the Subscriber.

Implementation, Training and support Implementation Services includes design and processes for the transfer of a Subscriber’s existing repositories of knowledge and support to the Platform. Typically, these activities are provided to the Subscriber through a professional services arrangement with one of Panviva’s accredited partners.

Training includes general one-to-many training and one-to-one (if required) training in the Platform to Users designated by Subscriber, either on-site or over the Internet.

Where conducted by Panviva, provision of Implementation, Training or other support activities is provided on the payment terms specified for the Service on the Order (which may differ from the payment terms for other Services).

If as part of an Order it is agreed that implementation, training or other support services are to be provided by a third-party provider suggested by Panviva, then those activities do not form part of the Services and are provided on a basis agreed between the third-party provider and the Subscriber.

Single Sign on (‘SSO’) SSO Services are where as part of a Panviva Subscription, the User is authenticated by Panviva’s SAML 2.0 based third party identity management solution.
Additional Services Other services provided by Panviva on request.