Customer Advocacy

Show the True ROI of Customer Advocacy

Customer Advocacy is a big buzz word right now. However, there is a difference between gamifying loyalty and establishing true brand advocates. Today, a happy customer is equal to the results and revenue they drive/recognize for your company. RO Innovation leverages customer advocacy in a way that can be harnessed as a revenue generator (yes, you’ll finally be able to report against it) through the use of customer references as a sales enabler.

  • Automate administrative tasks and workflows for reference requests, nominations, rewards, and more!
  • Optimize and grow your reference program
  • Leverage a centralized reference system that’s scalable and highly adopted by sales
  • Secure greater buy-in to the reference program
  • Prove ROI of your program and revenue influenced by reference activities
  • Increase your bandwidth so you can focus more time on building/growing customer relationships
  • Activate and leverage the voice of the customer in every sales and marketing cycle

Activate Customer Advocates In More Ways

RO Innovation is the critical hub between customer advocacy, sales, and marketing technology stacks and serves as the critical link between customer advocates, the buyers journey, and sales engagement with prospects. No one else simultaneously integrates sales and marketing workflows, customer intelligence, and relevant content, and puts it in the hands of sellers at the right time and right stage of the buyer’s cycle – all while giving you the data and analytics to prove effectiveness of training content and attribute revenue influenced by customer advocacy.

Achieve Corporate Initiatives

Whether you’re charged with fueling company growth by leveraging and recruiting brand advocates, helping grow or accelerate sales pipelines, improve marketing initiatives, managing or optimizing the customer marketing program, or building a deeper bench of customer relationships, RO Innovation’s platform has the tools and key technology integrations you need to help achieve these goals and excel as a valuable contributor in your organization.

  • Automate Workflows

    RO Innovation automates reference request, nomination, and reward workflows so you can spend more time focused on what really matters – building customer relationships and growing your program.

  • Manage a Centralized Database

    Minimize “reference burnout” – and prevent reference fatigue – by harnessing a single, integrated platform. With purpose-built approval workflows, you maintain better control and visibility to ensure key customer references are not used all the time.

  • Prove Your Program's Value

    With access to a variety of metrics and reports, you can easily present to the executive team the progress and impact of your program. Executives often sit up in their chairs and lean in when the see the revenue impacted by reference activities.

  • Secure Executive Buy-In

    RO Innovation helps elevate you as an internal hero at your company by creating an environment that fosters greater effectiveness and productivity among the marketers, salespeople, and customer program teams you work with.

  • Increase Program Adoption

    By increasing the self-service and information at Sales & Marketing’s fingertips about relevant customer references and when to use them, you’re making their job easier (and more efficient).

  • Scale Your Program

    Whether you’re just starting out with an Excel spreadsheet, or have an enterprise-size program, the RO Innovation platform is built to serve your needs, big or small. Even as you grow and change.

Prevent Customer Burnout & Reference Fatigue

RO Innovation was built with the end-user in mind, unlike bulky ‘native’ CRM customer reference applications that don’t cater to the way salespeople actually work. RO Innovation is truly an end-to-end customer advocacy platform, integrating sales and marketing workflows, customer intelligence, and relevant content, and puts it in the hands of sellers at the right time during the buyer’s cycle. What’s more, we provide you with relevant data and analytics to prove effectiveness and earned revenue related to customer content and advocacy.

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