Content Enablement

Deliver the Right Content, at the Right Time

Content lives at the center of the conversation with prospects. Whether it is sent by Marketing or Sales, that content is helping move the deal to the next stage. RO Content Enablement has streamlined the process and brought it to a central place, which creates greater alignment of your teams, allows better budgeting decisions to be made, and increases efficiencies of sellers.

Centralized Content Library

Imagine having a centralized content hub that can be categorized by verticals, sales stages, or content type and tagged with your product solutions, customers, and more. By centralizing your content, your sales reps have the most relevant content assets at their fingertips for the right opportunity and stage of they sales cycle. RO Innovation increases content visibility and usage whereby reducing time and effort for your team. Plus, a flexible content storage system pulls content from wherever it lives within your organization.

Tailored Microsites

Quit sending emails with 5 attachments and wondering if your prospect has even read it. Empower your sales teams with a 3-click landing page technology, real-time prospect engagement tracking, and greater sales intelligence at their fingertips. Enable your marketing team to track and measure content ROI with greater visibility and accuracy.

Increase Flexibility

RO Innovation customers love having a centralized, searchable library of sales, marketing, and related business content assets. The flexibility of the RO Innovation system allows users to upload content directly into the platform and/or point to wherever it may live (website, SharePoint,, etc.). That means greater efficiency for your team, without having to manage content in multiple places.

Improve Efficiency

Create pre-built microsites tagged in a ‘recommended’ tab for quick, easy access by your users. This saves you time and energy by being able to use pre-built Spotlights so your team can spend more time on more valuable things – like SELLING!

Drive Performance

Receive real-time data and intelligence on user engagement with materials contained in your sent Spotlights (who viewed, at what time, how long, what assets they viewed, etc.) This provides your team with the insight and data intelligence to know who is engaged with your sent materials and prioritize follow up, when you should do it, and what to say during the conversation.

Streamline Your Content Marketing Activities