Content Management

Share the Best Content & Customer References at the Right Time

Increase Content Effectiveness

Relevant content and targeted customer references drive conversations with prospects and accelerate deals. RO Innovation streamlines content management and storage, so your teams always have easy access to accurate, applicable, and current content and customer proof points, such as case studies, quotes, and testimonials.

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Central Library

At RO Innovation’s core is a central library of reference customer contacts and sales content. Teams can store approved content directly in RO Innovation or link to wherever the content is already stored.

Tailored Microsites

Rather than sending email attachments, teams can share collections of content through custom microsites. When prospects view content, RO Innovation alerts sales, so they can follow-up at the optimal time.

Refine Your Content Strategy with Reporting & Analytics

With included Upland Analytics for RO Innovation, real-time dashboards provide insights at-a-glance, so you can create more of what is performing well and prioritize content refreshes by usage.

Upland Analytics empowers teams to make data-driven decisions to optimize their voice of the customer programs, increase productivity, and demonstrate value. Find Out More >>

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