Revenue Enablement Services

Our enhanced Revenue Enablement Services allow customers to purchase an annual amount of consulting hours to use as needed to enhance their own enablement teams.

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Available Revenue Enablement Services

A high-level overview of all the services we have available to enhance your revenue enablement teams.

Change Management 

Optimization Services 

  • Sales Process Development 
  • Opportunity Methodology Development 
  • Account & Portfolio Methodology Development 

Leadership Alignment 

  • Success Planning 
  • KPI identification and measurement 
  • Behavior change expectations 

Workshops & Training

Opportunity Management 

  • TAS Sales Methodology 
  • Opportunity and Sales Process Management 
  • Advanced Relationship and Discovery Strategies 

Account Management 

  • Basic and Key Account Planning 
  • Portfolio & Territory Account Planning 
  • White Space Analysis 


Opportunity Management 

  • Sales Methodlogy Coaching 
  • Must Win Deal Coaching 
  • Deal Review Best Practice Coaching 

Analytics, Development, and Special Projects 

  • Tableau and PowerBI Integration 
  • VisualForce Page Development 
  • Salesforce Dashboards and Salesforce App Development

Example: Enhanced Revenue Enablement Plan

Take a look into a sample 3-year Enhanced Revenue Enablement Plan. Remember that we’re here to be a trusted advisor to you and your company. Although this example is for three years, we’ll be with you beyond that to form a true partnership!

  • Year 1: ENABLE

    What can you expect in year 1? Here we focus on enablement, making sure your leaders and teams are enabled to win deal reviews and key accounts. 

    -Leadership coaching

    -Front line manager coaching

    -Lead must win deal reviews

    -Lead key account reviews

    -Performance assessment

  • Year 2: ENTRENCH

    What can you expect in year 2? Here we focus on enforcing what we’ve enabled you with so far and making sure it’s a repeatable process for your company. 

    -Add visual force pages

    -Enable extended team

    -Coach new managers

    -Analytics platform integration

    -Lead must win deal reviews

    -Performance Assessment

  • Year 3: MINDSET 

    What can you expect in year 3? Here we focus on the mindset change that’s come with being enabled and implementing a repeatable process with continuous coaching. 

    -Coach new leaders

    -Optimize process and methods

    -Coach new managers

    -Reporting adjustments

    -Key account review support

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