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Deal Management Software to Simplify Selling.

Enhance relationships, gain insights, and improve deal qualification for predictable revenue at scale natively in Salesforce.

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Selling simplified. Qualification Simplified. Success Simplified.


As budgets tightened, win rates declined to 18% compared to 2022.


Deal sizes were down 21% in 2023 due to budget restrictions being a common objection.


72% of sellers did not expect to achieve annual target quota in 2023. 

Winning best practices to qualify, plan and coach sales opportunities.

Qualify Deals with the Highest Potential for Success

Follow proven best practices to ensure sellers focus on deals with the highest probability of success.

  • Harness methodology to de-risk opportunities and increase win rates 
  • Maximize sellers time, resources, and focus to boost deal sizes
Deal Review Software

Facilitate Action Oriented Deal Reviews

Identify gaps, vulnerabilities and recommendations with insight and collaboration from the wider revenue team.

  • Surface the questions and recommendations that reveal the path to overcoming blockers
  • Assign follow-up actions and leverage the revenue team to win the deal
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Selling Simplified

Strategy, methodology, & technology to help build trust and grow revenue, natively in Salesforce.

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Potential Simplified

Increased focus helps elevate deal execution to maximize sales from revenue potential.

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Success Simplified

Services to instill opportunity management best practices and behavioral change for success.

Why Altify Opportunities stands apart?

Selling simplified

Enabling sellers to focus on what they do best – forging connections, delivering clarity, and fostering collaboration with customers.

Software & strategy

The only vendor at the effective intersection of software and strategy to deliver the methodology, technology, and behavioral change to ensure success.

Easy adoption & growth path

Solutions to power your sales transformation that scale to meet your goals.

100% Salesforce native solution

Delivering all the benefits of Salesforce security, data integrity, and compliance.

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A deal review session in Altify allows us to unpack what we’re hearing, challenge our assumptions, and make an actionable plan to pursue a deal.

If it’s a real project that has fire and pain behind it, your customer will give you the answers, share information, and introduce you to new people.

Tim Foster
Former Director, Growth Success, Capita

Not Just Another Vendor – Free Copy

How do great sales organizations differentiate themselves? At Altify, we reached out to top sales leaders to bring you their first-hand accounts on how they found success in their account planning practice and became more than just another vendor.

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Altify Opportunity Manager FAQs

  • Altify Opportunity Manager is a 100% native Salesforce application. We provide all the benefits of the considerable investments made by Salesforce in infrastructure, data management, controls, security, dependability and certifications.

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  • In the ever-evolving landscape of sales and customer success, staying ahead of the competition requires the adoption of innovative tools and methodologies.

    Enter Altify Account Manager and ChatGPT, two powerful technologies that, when combined, offer a synergistic approach to revolutionizing sales processes and enhancing customer engagement.

    Altify Opportunity Manager and ChatGPT can empower sellers and customer success teams by streamlining research on personas and industries, optimizing discovery and qualification, mastering sales methodologies, harnessing competitive intelligence, and facilitating effective summarization of calls and actions.

    • In this article, we explore 5 Ways to use ChatGPT with Altify for high value insights.
    • In this article, we explore 4 ways NLP AI and Sales Methodology will join forces.

    As Altify Opportunity Manager is a 100% Salesforce native application, this means that with the announcement of Sales GPT by Salesforce, and as a Crest Partner, we will have early access to generative AI features and capabilities from Salesforce.

    With Salesforce Sales GPT, powered by Einstein GPT, customers will be able to harness the combined power of generative AI, Salesforce and Altify and embark on an entirely new journey of delivering value across your revenue team and to your customers.

  • Einstein, Tableau, and other BI software tools

    We provide both managed and unmanaged Salesforce packages that provide multiple standard reports and dashboards to support business administrators, and the revenue team, plus custom reporting capabilities and point-of-view reporting documentation for Einstein, Tableau, and other BI software tools.


    Teams can collaborate in real-time (or asynchronously) to refine account plans by sending messages between Slack and Altify. All critical insight and feedback sent from Slack can be captured in Altify for future reference. More Info

    Google Docs

    Customers can configure Google Docs to automatically pull in relevant details from their linked opportunities and account plans in Altify (in real-time or asynchronously). This enables revenue teams to collaborate in real-time or asynchronously using all the collaboration capabilities Google Docs supports. More Info

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