Data and coaching to deliver pipeline and deal execution.

Altify’s Opportunity Manager guides sellers to focus on the elements of their opportunities that drive success to deliver win-win outcomes.

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62% of initial meetings do not progress to the next meeting, resulting in a huge loss of productivity


Over two-thirds (67%) of buyers seek input from suppliers before they begin to evaluate solutions

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Win the deals that matter

Sales qualification is about listening, gaining customer insight, and saying no to the wrong type of opportunities. Use this cheat sheet as a guide to focus on the deals that matter.

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Average deal size increased by 250% when Customer Revenue Optimization principles were followed.

Yevette Jaszczak
Senior Director, Sales Process & Methodology – Optum

Resources to drive impact

Sales Velocity Unpacked 

There are only 4 factors that impact how much you sell, are you using them all? Check out the sales velocity equation and start selling to your potential.

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Why “People Buy from People” Is Still Valid in the Digital Age

Digital Doughnut

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5 Strategies for a Successful Deal Review Process

Learn how a well-structured deal review process brings clarity to sales challenges.

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