12 Thoughts for the 12 Days of Christmas

1 minute read

1. Being a pioneer is sometimes a lonely place, but a pioneer can build a community with better sales insights

2. There are only 2 reasons why you lose a sale

3. The impact on a customer of a bad buying decision is greater than the impact on a sales person of a lost deal

4. Even if your forecast says so, deals don’t always close on the last day of the month

5. Early failure is better than late failure

6. Winning sales cycles are getting shorter – you need to know why

7. You can’t actually ‘take the personalities out of it’

8. Trust is not transferable

9. The only way we can realize the worth of our own opinions is by valuing the opinions of others.

10. Perspective is worth 90 IQ points (Alan Kay)

11. “You lost that deal. Now you’re behind quota!” is not sales coaching

12. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant isn’t in fact ‘magic’

By the way, if you want to gain some perspective over the holidays … visit WITNESS and think about how you can help.

Happy Holidays – thanks for visiting so many times this year.


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