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Opportunity Mapping Software

Grow revenue in key accounts by effectively identifying and mapping untapped revenue and white space for new potential. Altify’s Opportunity mapping software gives sellers a focused way to manage and target opportunities to grow target customers in their account plans.

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See how Opportunity Maps uncover hidden revenue


52% of organizations not using account-based strategies experienced lower average win rates.


Having no account-based sales strategy decreases lifetime value by 20%.

Visualize your growth potential.

If the mission of an account plan is to deepen reach and grow revenue within key accounts, opportunity maps provide the atlas to get there. Rally your account team around one source truth for whitespace potential.

Opportunity mapping tool features:

Ready to identify new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities within your key customers and target accounts within Salesforce? Altify’s Opportunity Map helps sellers visualize where solutions have already been deployed, and uncover whitespace where you can deliver additional value

Investigate white space, and identify new areas of potential revenue

  • Discover unexploited territory where you may be able to add value 
  • Block opportunities that are un-winnable or with low ROI 
  • Track potential, current, and won opportunities

Collaborate across the revenue team for enhanced targeting

    • Business you’ve already won that you can expand  
    • Business you can take away from competitors
    • Business potential that no vendor has yet exploited
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Increase Forecast Accuracy

Opportunity mapping allows your team to identify and document potential opportunities without formally including them in pipeline. Give your team a clear picture of winnable whitespace without sacrificing your forecast accuracy.

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Achieve Clarity & Collaboration

Unite your account team behind a consistent, clear view of potential opportunities to drive action.

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Salesforce Native Opportunity Mapping Tool

Understand the full revenue potential of an account right where your salespeople work every day – Salesforce.  

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If we had stayed siloed with this construction customer, we'd still be where we were. The customer would still be frustrated, and we wouldn't have unlocked these hidden opportunities.

Jason Cooper
Head of Sales Excellence

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Opportunity mapping software example

Deal and Account Review Software FAQS:

  • Opportunity mapping means targeting account whitespace. Surprisingly tricky to measure, sales whitespace is the existing opportunity within customer accounts to cross-sell and upsell. 

  • Existing customers are more likely to buy from you than new ones. By targeting the opportunity in existing accounts, you get greater ROI by expending less resources and increasing sales velocity. 

  • Opportunity mapping software can help you see the existing opportunity that lies within accounts, and come up with a strategic action plan to target that opportunity. Through mapping out the account and opportunity within key accounts in a visual way, revenue teams can enhance their collaboration, strategize more effectively on solutions to offer customers, and chart a path to sales success.

  • There are many ways AI can be used to target whitespace in accounts. It can do this by analyzing customer information more quickly than sellers and help revenue teams take the leap first before their competitors to target new opportunities to grow revenue as they arise.

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