A little levity in tough times – and the need to stay focused

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With the recent economic turmoil, we could all be forgiven for being anxious about making our numbers. Customers are nervous – and that’s never a good thing. There have always been plenty of reasons why customers choose not to buy from you – but now unfortunately there is one more big one – the state of the economy. As they say – when the going gets tough – the tough get going, and right now is the time to doubly focus on the right things to do, and doing them right.

Speaking of reasons to lose a sale, a recent Fortune magazine article lists some of the strangest reasons why sales were lost .. and some of them made me smile, so I thought I’d share.

  1. “The customer said my accent was not real”
  2. “The spiritual counselor of the customer told him to go with my competitor”
  3. “His wife was taken to an asylum”
  4. “I was taller than the client and he didn’t like it”
  5. “The primary contact was murdered”
  6. “I answered the phone after hours, and the customer said he wanted to speak to a machine”

In truth though, if we lose a sale – it really means one of two things (a) you shouldn’t have been there in the first place (this was a deal you could never win), or (b) you were out-sold. It’s really that simple.

In this challenging times, we all need to be ruthless about qualifying-out early, and spending our time and resources maximizing our conversion rates by focusing on the deals we can win – and are worth winning. That’s how to continue to make the number – when all about you are missing theirs.



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