Altify Insights Has Arrived, and it’s Helping Sellers Solve Customer Problems

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Elevate team collaboration and build customer intimacy directly within Salesforce.

Altify Insights rewrites the rules on what best-in-class looks like in B2B sales solutions. 

In a time when it couldn’t be more imperative to understand the challenging business landscape, the gears and things that make accounts tick, Altify Insights promises to give sellers what they need to solve problems, build relationships, and land and expand accounts.  

As competition increases, it’s become not enough for selling teams to know who is within an account – they need to understand all-too-important lines of influence, and dig deeper than they have before been able to do with relationship mapping techniques alone – they need to understand all the challenges at play within an account along with the key players and decision-makers.  

Altify Insights solves key challenges facing sellers 

While times may be tough, and sales leaders face a plethora of challenges on all fronts, there is still a path to victory. Sellers can still build meaningful relationships that deliver mutual value. Altify Insights helps businesses do just that in unprecedented ways.  

In the words of Nigel Cullington, VP Marketing of Upland’s Sales Effectiveness Division: 

“Getting to know the people and problems at play within an account has never been about an org chart. It’s not about the hierarchies, either. It takes hard work to uncover the hidden lines of influence within an account. Beyond that, sellers need to understand who matters, and take actionable steps towards building relationships with them, and solving their often-hidden challenges. Altify Insights is the first solution available on the market that gives sellers everything they need to build relationships, solve challenges, and grow revenue – all directly within Salesforce and built by the very team that created the category.” 

Here are a few key challenges Altify Insights solves for sellers. 

Lack of insight into your buyers’ challenges and motivations 

An org chart doesn’t show you who has real influence. It doesn’t show you which members of the organization support your solution or are against you. And it certainly doesn’t help you understand the key challenges your contacts within accounts face, or their motivations. 

Altify Insights, meanwhile, helps you identify key decision-makers and business problems, enables greater visibility, and creates strategic opportunity plans to guide sellers toward closing. 

This way, your sellers can gain such a comprehensive and holistic view of their accounts that they can even present customers and prospects with solutions to problems they themselves weren’t aware of. 

No view into who the key players are and who holds the power 

Selling to the enterprise has grown more complex. It’s common for sellers to be staring down as many as 10 decision-makers within a buying group in each enterprise deal. While selling to a single buyer is a challenge, it’s nothing compared to navigating multiple buyers in an account. 

Altify Insights enables sellers to overcome the very real challenge caused by expanding buying groups. It allows them to capture insights into key buyer challenges and motivations, while giving them convenient access to seamless collaboration directly within the CRM they are accustomed to working within each day: Salesforce.  

This way, when it comes to tackling a buying group, sellers act as part of their greater revenue team, not as lone wolves, uncovering surface-level challenges and obstacles, as well as peripheral ones where growth opportunity exists down the line.  

Need to synchronize teams and engage with buyers at a trusted advisor level using Altify Insights

Uncoordinated efforts to gain a foothold within an account, or even worse, different sellers coming disparately to contacts within an account, can have a monumentally bad impact on your efforts to build trust and gain that coveted trusted advisor status with customers. 

Altify Insights aligns your extended revenue team, uniting sales, marketing, and customer success with a single customer view to enable better collaboration, uncover gaps, and grow revenue. 

This way, sellers can provide value in every interaction with their buyers. 

Selling takes the right combination of sales process, methodology, and technology with Altify Insights

Winning new deals, retaining valued customers, and growing revenue within accounts can’t be done without the right technology in place. In the words of Anne Slough of Forrester: 

“These tools enable account teams to reveal complex relationships, identify white space, support opportunity planning efforts, and enable team collaboration. All of this makes it easier to identify, win, retain, and grow business in key accounts.” (“Account-Based Selling Technologies: What You Need To Know – Forrester”) 

Or to put it even more bluntly in the words of Phil Trapani of Upland Altify: “I’ve never seen an organization put a good account planning practice in place without good software to support them.” 

Altify Insights doesn’t replace anything a seller is already doing – it only amplifies their day-to-day sales activities that makes it possible to build relationships that matter. It helps create the conditions sellers need to maximize their impact.  

It does this by delivering the combined power of Altify Relationship Mapping software and Insights Maps, emboldening sellers to:  

  • Determine who has the power and influence to move opportunities forward 
  • Identify priorities and drivers for key contacts to build trust 
  • Understand how to work relationship strategies to win bigger deals faster 
  • Ask the right questions through timely and informed prompts 
  • Document and organize the small but essential details behind every insight 
  • Home in on obstacles that reveal where to add unique value to best help customers 

Altify Insights forever changes the game for B2B sellers

Putting the era of lone wolves well behind us once and for all, Altify Insights enables entire revenue teams to synchronize harmoniously around relationship and insight maps, see the full picture for what it is, and develop a winning strategy to build better relationships that build mutual value.  

Understanding WHO the key players are, and HOW you solve their challenges drives your revenue. 

With Altify Insights, sales leaders can set themselves apart from the competition and earn their rightful place as trusted advisors to their customers.


Altify Insights - Understand who key decision makers are and solve challenges to drive revenue

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